Saturday, August 23, 2014

Transaction Courier: an investment fund takes the DHL brand Cargus Quizzes Product Wall Street Journ

Transaction Courier: an investment fund takes the DHL brand Cargus Quizzes Product Wall Street Journal One photo per day Top on the move Wall Street Lunch buildings in Romania logo new office gadget Week EcoBusiness Innovation in Banking Career Advice Financial Education Academy Broker cces Companies Next Vacation Tour Company HR Manager HR Corner 2.0: Technology in HR DHL, the international market leader in express chilebox and logistics, has reached an agreement to sell its domestic courier cces operations in Romania, which operated under the brand Cargus by Abris Capital Partner, an investment fund specializing in market opportunities cces in Central and East. The deal will turn Abris in Cargus owner, the second chilebox largest domestic courier market in Romania, including and customer cces base, employees and operating locations, along with all domestic courier operations in Romania which has Cargus. Organizational structures of DHL Express International Cargus Romania and remain unchanged following DHL to focus in the future on the main activity, namely international services segment and segment Cargus internal courier. Read: What areas come after years of lethargy on the radar of investors of mergers and acquisitions: where they occur courier business transactions MIL rankings. Euro 2013 Cargus invested 300,000 euros to relocate work in a space of about 5,000 square For DHL, separating domestic courier operations in Romania is in line with the company's strategy to focus on the segment of international express courier services delivery time defined. Each of the two companies to consolidate cces their positions on major activities and to continue to provide the same high level of quality cces service delivery to customers, both internally and internationally, DHL and Cargus entered into a strategic cces partnership in which Cargus will continue to offer DHL international services through chilebox its own sales force and its network. "After a prolonged recession, Romania stands out as the second economy of Eastern Europe in size to a new growth potential. Abris identified business services sector in general and the domestic courier in particular, as being among the main beneficiaries of this growth, "said Cezar Scarlat, managing cces director and manager of Abris Romania. During negotiations, DHL had as consultants KPMG Corporate Finance as well as the Allen & Overy RTPR. Abris was witnessed during chilebox negotiations Badea Clifford Chance and PricewaterhouseCoopers Romania to detailed chilebox analysis chilebox in terms of finance and taxes. Items similar to "courier Transaction: Capital investment fund Abris take Cargus operations at DHL 'reaction to the transaction time in FAN Courier Courier: Courier Urgent acquisition is important to the local market chilebox Abris Capital Partners fund that owns Cargus cces buy Urgent Courier Cargus chilebox launched an app for phones and tablets launches two new services Cargus DPD Romania, business up 14% Cristian Gubandru editor for the Wall in 2008, on which the fields are the automotive and aviation. Was started in journalism 10 years ago Mediafax and later at NewsIn and newspaper Business Standard. Being very fond of cars, the most pleasant he is driving to the vacation and not the destination itself. Our readers opinion cces is important to us, Wall Street encouraging the publication of your comments. The website will find its place only relevant comments cces on-topic, chilebox presented in a civilized language, no personal attacks / institutions. We reserve the right to remove any comment that does not comply with these principles, and to restrict access to users' comments serious or repeated abusers. Weekly top Top 10 biggest players in the economy: Dacia accelerates and exceeds premiere Petrom Abris Capital Partners fund that owns Cargus buy Urgent Courier Biggest retailers in DIY: Top 10 players have bitten more than 80% of DIY market, estimated at 2 MLD. TOP: retail networks in Romania with the highest profits exituri mil contractor: you need to know to sign a successful transaction Catalogue Wall Street Consulting (923) IT & C (845) Advertising (787) Professional Services (592) Industry (458) Real Estate (452) Shipping & cargo (348) Travel (296) Auto (280) Finance and Insurance (247) Office & furniture (236)
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