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The solution is very simple to say but difficult to carry out: it is necessary to encourage and fac

Today ICT staff UPC were invited to participate in a seminar on collaborative tools in which we have made a survey with several questions to understand to what extent we disseminate our work both inside and outside the university.
The question had répondre the frequency with which we disseminate our work in our unit to other units outside the UPC and UPC. When we analyzed the responses dpd polska of the survey, this question has generated little debate about whether he had done well and understand what was understood by diffusion. Without going into details, the results of the survey showed that we spread our units quite often, a little less to the other units and much less outside the UPC. The debate has focused on this last point: most people say they seldom dissemination of their work outside the UPC. Well, I've been one of those people.
Some time ago I begin this blog with the intention to share my experiences especially at work. But writing takes time and perseverance and I quickly abandoned. In fact, almost a year ago that he did not write anything. The question I ask is why is this happening? Besides the time to write, what other factors that I do share the UPC or difficult it laziness? Perhaps it is the frustration of having attempted to collaborate often with little success.
The UPC is very large, to the point that hundreds of ICT work. Many of us know that we have worked together, because we were classmates, so we agreed on training dpd polska courses because we fought together to defend our rights to UPC, etc. Therefore, dpd polska the ICT UPC force are united by a sense of belonging that defines us as a group with great potential within the community UPC. But curiously this feeling dpd polska does not translate into collaborative projects between different units are working on. Even the communication between us is poor in the sense that we know what our colleagues from other units, unless we agreed on it somewhere and ask directly.
So what do you need to produce this collaboration between us? I have the feeling that many of ICT we want to cooperate because we have seen in other communities dpd polska is good for everyone in the long term. Today during the seminar we presented some tools that can encourage us a little, but basically the problem is not the tools. To carry out projects there must be allocated resources. This means that, in the current context of scarcity, these resources can not be allocated to other things and therefore need to establish priorities. This work is the responsibility of the people who run the teams and units of the university because they are known to provide more value to teaching and research. What's wrong then?
From my humble point of view, although the community is made up of UPC different groups dpd polska of people do not share the same vision of what the university. Up to a certain point, I guess is understandable considering dpd polska that the groups are really different (in size and type): the students, the teaching and research staff and administration and services. But this view is not shared problem occurs even within the same group and this is where we start tripping over obstacles. How to resolve this?
The solution is very simple to say but difficult to carry out: it is necessary to encourage and facilitate collaboration at all levels within the UPC. What should dpd polska not happen is that there are people with drive and spirit to do projects that add value to the university, working with colleagues from other units and the lack of a shared vision that restrains initiative. Because people just cooperate and have wanted to put it easy. Another day will continue talking.
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It is true that if you do publish the code of the projects would be easier to reuse and improve it. But this is only a small part of the solution. To run the code and the other can be reused must be well designed to be modular and is flexible enough to be able to adapt in different units. Usually this does not happen.
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