Saturday, November 2, 2013

Csibi Magor at three o

Send a package to Switzerland international biciklisfutárral! "Think Outside The Box
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How could I be able to work in fast couriers to the airport post office, a twenty-four-hour deliveries to the world of an international project afl courier bike messenger? At first seem insane, I could not imagine why it would be absolutely necessary to do so. We can think of is next summer to move on just fine with what you say acquaintances living in Scotland, provided you do not mind that all the subsequent spring only receive the package.
Visky Psalm Cluj university admits that outsource this bike path and the speed mania profitorientáltság charge, afl courier which of course is not a private transport to be the focus.
"The traditional parcel services, in order to stay alive for at pace with the fast-paced world, but nevertheless afl courier a general approach to human-marked by the rather hackneyed phrase lifestyle mostly exhausted by sighing. The project presented here will want to be part of this critique that goes beyond mere criticism and show that there are other possibilities "- describes afl courier the project plan. And finally, if the fast food counter in the birth of the slow food movement, the courier afl courier is fast - ideological level - why not bring to a slow courier?
Ps no stranger to the long-term cycling: afl courier 2010 2011 made-in-five thousand kilometers on two wheels, to Berlin afl courier and back - a "minor" detour to Prague and back to Copenhagen and Warsaw. "Then I realized really how things can be achieved with a fiber bike" - he says. A bike messenger project idea was also during this period when friends told him, "If I had to go there, he would send some acquaintances that live there."
According to Psalm idea of a journey and the duration of fully converting the orders. War, are not dangerous areas, afl courier but anywhere else in Europe eltekerne and not tailored to a specific time to achieve. The package delivery unit to a symbolic 1 euro cost, Ps is definitely engage afl courier the trip, regardless of the number of orders as well.
The "task" would be mainly for this reason that people who have some minor things, attentiveness to send the remote acquaintances, and this would take a "service" that is not the speed, efficiency or other conventional signal transmission characterized. But primarily as the adventure, the symbol afl courier of value, but of course, "I would not if it's just about to tell you that one trip Zsolt" - he says. The packet network should ideally emerge before departure, but of course you can join the move, it will not be such as to reject someone because they do not just fall from the pre-planned route. And I also hope that no one wants to just have a refrigerator sent from Budapest to Portugal - joking Ps.
The Berlin trip was to follow the blog on the internet Bikes Gilles has taken. The Jean-Antoine Watteau afl courier French painter borrowed from Gilles of the name of the new blog is displayed to the bicikisfutár path "location" of the packages can then be followed: Gilles, the postman is still only the draft, but the way photos, afl courier texts will be up for it. The entire project is therefore primarily with the shipper, the consignee and the courier en route to the hotel and taxes may both players performance-related (mostly couchsurfingesek).
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Charles the Prince of last week's most popular articles: Transylvania afl courier without forests would only sad memories of the history of Hungarian afl courier Magyar night monsters! Carrefour is the greenest shopping center, but there is still room for improvement in reproducing the main Tetszhalottak Cluj in Cluj streams trash Archive
Csibi Magor at three o'clock invaded the inspiration and decided he wants to live outside the box. The ideas I share, átvedlett journalist and has been trying to coordinate the project TOTB two languages. afl courier There was also a politician, but it was cured. afl courier My childhood hero, Captain Planet, infected with the virus ecology and has never had come out of it. Although bringázik, no bike, but there are two pairs of skates, running around, sometimes afl courier without heads, sometimes organized, swimming and rarely climbs mountains.
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