Saturday, November 2, 2013

However, the National Bureau of Investigation szvivje Bartha Lszl contest the complaint. In his vie

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Complain about srlse suffered in Tuesday detained anonymous SORN customize Jnos, rector delivery man detained delivery man Tuesday in the university nemzetvdelmi - RJA Blikk. According to the lawyer befolyssal with the free akommandsok vltztek sfldhzvgtk zrkedssel a suspect, law RSG lltja however that every lawful happened and errl videfelvtelk too.
The complaint gyszsghez turns customize nemzetvdelmi John the university rector attorney for srls suffered in Tuesday detained anonymous SORN - RJA Blikk. "Bksen clients ldglt's office, where thirty kommands delivery man burst forth. Vltztek, aztnafldhzvgtk, amitl is damaged. measures are in jogszertlen was the gyszsghez complained. srlsekrl of the detained anonymous memo UTN nyv receiver with "- idzte customize the page gyvdjt, Zamecsnik pter.
However, the National Bureau of Investigation szvivje Bartha Lszl contest the complaint. In his view, was detained anonymous legitimate and trade unions, as well amirl videfelvtel kit for. The police delivery man on Tuesday detained anonymous UTN it kzlte to customize the detained anonymous ellenllt of beer, and then suffered knnyebb hmsr lst.
Zamecsnik pnteken said Krtko the gyszsgtl kivizsglst to the fact that vdence Valbon ellenllst tanstott- Does the elfogsa of beer, as it contains a significant police forces. The preliminary letartztatsi indtvnyban letartztats okaknt the fact that it jelltk, while detained anonymous hatrozatban not included - he added. Zamecsnik by clients said no ellenllst not tanstott, abrivgzsben and states that the president passive ellenllst tanstott, However, in this case, he does not think is appropriate azilyen bnsmd strong police forces.
The lawyer told TMZ police forces intzkedsrla kiegsztette to the fact that the rendrkrtrdeltek customize htr, and a strongly r gztettk on the cuffs to the megsrtette shand is then rendrkkt rn keresztl "not talltka keys." Such akcikrla police are ktelez video up on ksztenie, this is megvizsglst critics Zamecsnik Pter. This examines the nyomozst which influences not - he added.
The sheriff `cstrtkn placed prior letartztatsba John the Std. Almost pray prior to a ring msik gyanstottja, DHL international Delivery of CG administers one Hungarian, DGL Freight gyvezetje as well. I bought Mindkettejket Tuesday detained, miutna National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) hzkutatsokat policeman held nluk. Both appealed. The third a suspect, Thurs Istvn szabadlbon vdekezik.
Free Jnos lawyer, Zamecsnik Pter cstrtkdlutn the [origo] said the thirty days prior letartztatst ordered abr sg, and argued that the fennll eljrs meghistsnak in danger.
We suspect that the sszejtszott DHL manages the rector when setting last oktberben frightened by DHL nmetorszgi vezetjt to ACG hungary staff weapon sk btszert szlltanak the international futrszolglat jrmveivel, and rendrsgmr investigate the gyben. We suspect that it ajnlotta free to hungary relationships keresztl can intzni to keep it from DHL botrnybl delivery man a replacement ACG's szerzdst t have requested the named SAFETY cggel and lecserli A few vezetjt. Ihsz Sndor fvrosi

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