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The book is a long list of situations, people, actions, dialogues and numbers on the star Alexis Me

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It's over, in the literature, the era of the securities eponyms, those headlines long (think of the English novels of 700) that spoileravano beautifully much of the book. So,'s Almanac first - title of the last book of Chiara Valerio - can not be eponym is short and has just been published by Einaudi. Yet, an aid to understanding the book title we give it. First, because it is called "almanac", which - according delivery courier to the dictionary definition Hoepli online - an "annual publication containing the list of the days and months of a given year; by extension: yearbook containing, in addition to the calendar, news, practical, delivery courier cultural, and statistics. " In addition, for the reference to this "day before" that looks like a detail, but it is much more.
The book is a long list of situations, people, actions, dialogues and numbers on the star Alexis Medrano until the day before it was transferred delivery courier from Rome to Milan to work. An accumulation of time - in its double meaning of succession from the past to the future and narratological category - with which the author tries to describe delivery courier a life impossible to tell by following the logical thread delivery courier of history: the protagonist-narrator (seemingly omniscient) not fails to do so, and here on the events page fished from every corner of the past. This happens especially in the first part of the book, Childhood, delivery courier where Medrano lists the episodes of the origin of neurotic obsessions as an adult. Of particular note is that for lists, with whom he tries to defeat death, if death is the end of the time available to a human being, a contact with the afterlife - he is a child, sifting through phone directories, reintestati in the numbers of the dead to the living delivery courier - just to cancel it. Received his PhD in Mathematics, Medrano perpetuates this obsession into a job "particular" delivery courier is co-owner of a life settlement fund that buys life insurance to those who do not want to or can not pay more to sell them to third party investors ready to bet on the time left to policyholders. In a continuous calculation of probability and risk the lives of others are just an accumulation of time and joys and disappointments, such as smoking or a sedentary lifestyle, only count to determine longevity.
But in this universe that dominates Medrano, detached from the lives of others, breaks an unexpected factor that disrupts the accuracy of its probability: it is called Elena Invitti and a woman from whom he is attracted. Their report deals with the second part of the book, Present, another long list: as for his life, Medrano does not know even describe his love, therefore the moments spent with Elena are always only moments, perfect moments etched in the minds and any parts of two lives that are in a sense being together. All the more so because they do not even know Medrano delivery courier define the true nature of this relationship, that is not love because Elena did not return, but it is not even friendship. In addition, she is a client of his background and he must also draw for her a life prediction, but it is possible to be precise in this provision, when it affects the person who is most dear? Love is a feeling disinterested, which contrasts with the rational calculation of interest: Medrano but does not recognize him because he never received from anyone, not even by Elena is hiding behind a wall of cynicism. In addition, they say that love is a source of happiness and that happiness lengthen the life of the policy delivery courier should be reformulated Elena? It is fair to speculate on the life of a person we love?
Ethical problems, then, among them for the umpteenth time peeps time: this accumulation of seconds delivery courier and minutes and hours and days against which man can not do anything to change the time if you do not esperirne relativity. Something unfathomable, that Medrano tries to study in the relations between past, present and future: if a thing was, happen again with some confidence, that's what the probability calculus taught him. But know right down to the smallest detail of the past can serve to really know in advance the future, to be really sure what was going to be? Really a series of accumulated knowledge with accuracy about the life of a person can plasmarne a true copy and the same in the future? Mathematics has always been the exact language in which Medrano tried to pass the time in its unpredictability and closer, like a huge fractal that is repeated endlessly, its deeper structure, to play by his own rules. But just a moment, just a morning walk by Elena on a street in Rome, by chance, to disrupt any of his hypothesis.
And finally, the last part of the book, we come to the day of departure Alessio Milan: the fund works so

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