Friday, May 2, 2014

These good results are the fruit of an intelligent professional courier delivery status collaborati

. Elected advocate for a single airport in Normandy "Article" 76actu
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Elected advocate for a single airport in Normandy Norman elected to follow suit and Manuel Valls, in the interests of public savings campaign for an airport interregional common platform. Explanations. Last Updated: 4/21/2014 at 10:55
Nicols Mayer-Rossignol and Laurent Beauvais, both presidents Region, have co-signed with the Mayor of Deauville, a letter calling for the gathering around the airport professional courier delivery status of Deauville. ( Hervé Pinson). Airport Deauville Saint-Gatien booming: airport reference Normandy, passenger traffic continues to increase. In 2013, no fewer than 135,000 passengers who walked the tarmac Saint-Gatien Deauville making professional courier delivery status the most important aviation hub in Normandy. Elected attribute this success to the pooling professional courier delivery status of resources used to run the infrastructure:
These good results are the fruit of an intelligent professional courier delivery status collaboration six years between the joint association of Deauville-Normandie airport, two regions, the city of Deauville and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Pays d'Auge, stated in December 2013 Nicolas Rossignol-Mayer, president of the Haute-Normandie. This gathering allows professional courier delivery status more efficient management professional courier delivery status of public money.
Laurent Beauvais, chairman of the Basse-Normandie region, Nicolas Rossignol-Mayer, president of the Haute-Normandie, and Philippe Augier, Mayor of Deauville, professional courier delivery status strong recent statements by Manuel Valls, professional courier delivery status Prime Minister, reiterated the need to federate around a single airport in the region, in a letter April 15, 2014 the Presidents of the agglomeration of Caen la Mer and Codah community, the mayor of Havre, Edouard Philippe, professional courier delivery status reappointed, Friday, April 18 2014 during the session setup Community Council Codah. professional courier delivery status "Focus investments professional courier delivery status on a single professional courier delivery status hub airport"
The three elected Norman attract the attention of two presidents agglomeration of Caen and Le Havre communities on the need for a group to participate in the required efforts by the Prime Minister:
This push approach interregional cooperation (discussed here is the creation of the Joint Association of Deauville-Normandie airport, ed) makes more efficient management professional courier delivery status of public money and made the Deauville-Normandie airport the first platform professional courier delivery status Norman form (passenger traffic between 2006 and 2013 it increased by 140% when Caen progressed only 5% while that of Havre-Octeville decreased by 75%). (...) Today, public money is scarce. The roadmap that fixed by the Prime Minister is clear: we must come together and focus on priorities.
Elected officials are urging professional courier delivery status agglomeration Presidents on the need for a strategic dialogue on services between communities and CCI. "We can not afford sterile competition. . Doing together, the choice of a large airport in Deauville Normandy "The three signatories of the letter believe, indeed, that Deauville is the most suitable airport:
The Deauville-Normandie airport is 35 minutes from Le Havre and 45 minutes from Caen. He is the only one with a proper track to host any type of support means and adapted to its infrastructure development.
This letter reiterates the need to come together to help provide professional courier delivery status the Normans offer quality, accessible to the greatest number, by optimizing the use of public money. Via the airport Saint-Gatien, elected are another professional courier delivery status step towards reunification. 00000
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@ Reflection doubtful, ideal Normandy is a region where we live in harmony ALL excluding you, like your city policies only see Rouen, as a regional capital, administrative capital, economic capital. I think for you it's all live together for n

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