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Hello, as lessee of property in the form of land you are a taxpayer of the property when you rent l

Good day. I am the owner of the third field and I have to pay tax on the entire area. The other two original owners has taken place in succession and are not willing to deal with. I rented her a third, but I do not want to pay the tax for others. Is there any solution or can somehow give up my share so I got rid of the obligation to pay tax to the tax office? Pretty please and thank you to the answer.
Hello, as lessee of property in the form of land you are a taxpayer of the property when you rent land registered in the Land Registry simplified manner. Otherwise the taxpayer citysprint of this tax only land owners. We recommend you contact the real estate register and find out how the land is registered in the land. If there is more than one property taxpayers, citysprint the land is therefore jointly owned by several owners or tenants citysprint are subject to joint and several obligation to pay taxes jointly and severally. It serves not just one tax return, and if only one of them will pay tax on the full amount, the obligation is fulfilled. As this person citysprint has resolved to pay the remaining owners is up to her. However, we have a written contract between the venturers. However, citysprint there is a possibility that the Tax Office will invite the submission of tax returns and payment of tax by any of these persons. So it is not so, that the tax must be paid by you. Basically, you could also ask the competent financial authority to the payment of taxes called from other taxpayers. In any case, you should consult with the tax authorities to resolve the situation.
Hello, in 2011 I received a gift from her mother Treaty apartment 2 +1 in an apartment building citysprint that inhabit and is not otherwise used. Selling citysprint price of the apartment is about 800 000 CZK-usual price at the place of wonder: 1) to determine whether a tax professional is needed to estimate? 2) Who and what [...] View the answer
Good evening, I would like to know who pays property tax, which is paid in May 2014. Having a friend I bought the apartment in March 2014 to pay tax on the purchase by the seller. Now in May, we gave the seller the payment slip to the classic property citysprint tax. It is our duty to pay this aloženku, even though we have acquired through [...] View the answer
Hello, my mother begs me to find out how to write for me (I'm an only child) Heritage citysprint (2 +1 apartment in osob.vlast. + Garage). And so I ask whether it is sufficient to write a deed of gift (you must include everything) and then whether something is true of taxes and how much. The ever changing laws and I heard that a deed of gift [...] View the answer
I have real estate in Prague and the other 2 in the Central Region. Last year I got a slip from the tax office in Prague, so I paid this amount and then a transfer tax for both real estate citysprint outside Prague citysprint to accounts and in amounts as in previous years. I do not know whether I was right, whether these amounts should not be paid [...] View the answer citysprint
Babišův trick to relieve cigarette price increase, given the green light Babišův trick to relieve cigarette price increase, given the green light House allow faster discuss the government's citysprint amendment to the Excise Tax Act. When will commence by the end of September, the Czech Republic may have a better exchange rate. [...]
Million fine for television advertising: Supplements untreatedThe cuts in pensions ends, MPs approved faster growth The cuts in pensions ends, MPs approved faster growth Indexation of pensions from next year will return to the rules in force in the year 2012. Government coalition addition pushed their extraordinary increase. [...]
New Price comparison: Czech is a quarter below the EU averageLotto bet i already pay at purchase, not only in Penny Useful Information Tax Reform citysprint How do you cut taxes - tax rebates, tax changes in 2013 tax rebates in 2012 and 2013, the tax credit for a taxpayer 2012 and 2013 tax rebate for 2012 and 2013 child tax abatement citysprint for a wife and joint taxation
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