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The Recit Phil hop ******************* And after only 3:30 and 4:30 sleep drive, here we are in fro

Photo Credit / Carryrose 1. Ricky Wants a Man of Her Own 3. Nowhere Radio 4. 5 No Surrender. Out in the Street blue dart courier status 6. Hungry Heart 7. Spirit in the Night 8. Boys 9. 2 Cadillac Ranch. Cynthia 10. Working On The Highway 11. It's all Over Now 12. Candy's Room 13. Gypsy Biker 14. Youngstown 15. The Promised Land 16. Livin 'in the Future 17. Mary's Place 18. Devils blue dart courier status and Dust 19. The Rising 20. Last to Die 21. Long Walk Home 26. Rosalita 27. American Land 28 22. Badlands 23. 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) 24. 10th Avenue Freeze-out 25. Born to Run. Save the Last Dance For Me 29. Dancing in the dark 30. Rockin all Over The World The Bosstime is alive Setlist What my Friends, We can say that this time Springsteen Grand Tres Grand As usual, Bruce end Tournee change considerably its sets Soir Evening with As Objective Firstly please his audience Secondo feast in His Mythical Group Company and finally you can even Add To prove that he is one of the largest Beasts blue dart courier status Scene of History. Springsteen has hit very hard by opening this new Spectacular Magic Tour with Ricky Wants a Man of Her Own A World Premiere This is an unreleased song from The River Sessions recorded in 1979 She will know that Official Release in 1998 with the publication Fantasy Box of Tracks. One may ask what Mouche Pierce Boss for us out rarities This Calibre. Do singer is a New Name: Max Name: Weinberg Occupation: Drummer of the E Street Band Indeed a Placard entitled "Let's Sing Max" Springsteen Could not let the opportunity pass to see one of its faithful members carry a tune. Max chose the title for Boys Push vocalise as sung by Ringo Starr of the Beatles' blue dart courier status 'please, please, me' (1963). After this service, we quickly understood why the Boss had never let the Micro Mighty Max, What Horror It was me finally Battteur What it is. In Continuity of Shows Precedents blue dart courier status Springsteen proposed to his fans with a New Cover Title It's All Over Now Compose A title by Bobby Womack, who was a very big Hit for the Stones was 64. Springsteen has often played this piece in Miscellaneous Clubs of New Jersey Premiere blue dart courier status After the Boss had interpreted this piece it was at the Stone Pony 11/06/1983. So Beautiful Cover. A Title vast Work of Boss Makes His appearance Devils And Dust which celebrated its premiere last night in Kansas blue dart courier status City. This title evokes blue dart courier status Us Soldier in Iraq learned blue dart courier status more and believe that if his confidence in his Government was not in decline Train Day by Day. It is Released Album of the Same Title in 2005. A Reminder Thunder with no less than 2 News Tour Premiere All First Save the Last Dance For Me A # 1 in the USA for the Drifters in 1960 with Ben E. King just before his departure from the group. Taken by Willy DeVille, Emmylou Harris, Ike & Tina Turner, Tom Jones, Dolly Parton, Jerry Lee Lewis, etc ... Bruce, the jumelera with "Twist & Shout" during the 12/09/75 Born To Run Tour. Another Big Slap to the Fans From Kansas City After perfome Classic Dancing in the Dark Springsteen will complete its audience with Rockin 'All blue dart courier status over The World A Title John Fogerty released on the album titled "John Fogerty" This song was Continues As Artists by Status Quo, Coldplay, The Sing Bonjovi Springsteen frequently on the River Tour in 1981, Sometimes the Bitusa Tour 84/85 and other time on the Human / Lucky Tower 1993. . As I watch offers the Recit Phil will plunge us into this great show Next and last Rendez Vous Magic Tour Milwaukee blue dart courier status on 31/08/2008 for 105 years of the Harley Davidson Company. a show full of promise and Rock N Roll
The Recit Phil hop ******************* And after only 3:30 and 4:30 sleep drive, here we are in front of the Sprint Center, Kansas City spirited search Tickets, which will be done a few minutes later. 17:00 lottery but still lost my American girlfriend suits us instantly and we find ourselves in the pit for what will still be a sacred moment. Ricky Wants A Man Of Her Own as introduction, we can not ask for more; a first for one of my favorite Tracks played by Bruce with a vintage blue dart courier status Fender twelve string (? telecaster) world, the first time I see the Boss play with 12 Power cords. Any input regarding my ancestors! Immediately followed by Cynthia, very little played. blue dart courier status You can feel the festive blue dart courier status end of a tour atmosphere; Bruce also tell us that, for him, this is the last date of the Magic Tour. The third surprise is a sign picked up during the request: someone blue dart courier status asked Bruce to let Max sings that it will be a few minutes later, the time to agree on what to sing and install a mid

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