Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A chatsver I ўzho nya kіravala ... A simple atrymlіvala asalodu dy was rolі pasazhyrkі Kawasaki

A chatsver I ўzho nya kіravala ... A simple atrymlіvala asalodu dy was rolі pasazhyrkі Kawasaki !!! =))))
Eighth geta neperadavaemae adchuvanne, kalі you nyaseshsya pas Goradze hutkastsyu s momanty dasyagayuchay amal hundred kіlometraў in gadzіnu .... pry getym Nyamaa ni kropelkі fear, more you Tsalka davyaraesh chalaveku, yakі kіrue ...
Dumb they are. Important reason against the acquisition of cars, despite the existence of rights, this is what I do not get enough sleep nifiga. Generally, in principle, bad organize your day, and lately - especially. If at all there aspirin write "refrain from transportynmi management tools", in this state, I sit behind the wheel just afraid. I stupidly did not sure that not miss the bus changes letsebuy in the situation on the road and not in vedu someone / not naedu on some incautious letsebuy pedestrian. A bike is more stable and not all the time of the trip. And the trump card security system is just that it does not have and does not interfere fly further in case of a fall / collision. And if on the intended path of obstructions arise? I can long otmazyvatsya about this, many, many things thought out on this issue, can not remember it all at once. Yes, I'm such a coward hare-greyish :)
Vaўkoў bayatstsa forest not hadzіts! =) You yourself eighth kazhash INTO draenei camp kіravats become nya! =) Well Duc tsyabe Well happens i kind camp! =))) And ўvogule, kalі you kіruesh so make a fuss, you pavіnen letsebuy byts velmі astsyarozhnym. You yourself good vedaesh INTO kalі chagostsі sapraўdy zhadaesh then geta mozha atrymatstsa, ale w zalezhyts letsebuy tsyabe hell ... and so admazkі geta, office supakoіts letsebuy sumlenne .....
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