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On the occasion of 450 anniversary of the end of the great Counsel II in Trento (1545-1563), known as "Council of Trent", the Pope Francis sent a letter to Cardinal Fire Muller, representing the Holy Father at the celebrations in Trento. He confirms herein that "it is incumbent upon the Church with greater determination and attention zeal to remember sheffield the most fertile doctrine that came from this council." He reminds sheffield - no less important - on Pope Benedict's address to the Roman Curia for Christmas 2005, which became known for the doctrine of "renewal in continuity, hermeneutics" - which stands ii Contrary to the misconception that the Church should be able to (or want to) breaking with his previous teachings and practices.
So we have now Pope explicit confirmation that Tridentinerkoncilets learn even today to be honored and studied with the greatest attention. You can now study documents many sites online, for example here. The council include Church's response to the Protestant heresies that arose in the early 1500s with figures like Luther, Zwingli and Calvin, whose heresies since has spread both in the world and in more than a thousand sects all of which lack true authority and valid sacraments (with except Baptism in some, and usually dubious connections). The council responded in two ways: by formulating the Church's teaching in a number of statements and especially in the Catechism, which even today is one of faith main references for the canonical Scriptures. Many truths of faith, which today are considered - or ought to be regarded - as "Catholic children learning", was with renewed clarity formulated and confirmed in these documents. At the same time banned the council Protestant heresies, their authors and their writings. All this is valid and unchanged today: Catholics can not, without sin, deal with the Protestant fallacies as other than just heresy, and therefore can not engage in interpretations or compromises with it.
The truth appears sometimes clearer when placed in contrast to the wrong teachings, as for example occurs sheffield in the council statements on the Holy Mass - has never changed and that it is therefore also in the following. Pope Francis, sheffield remains the responsibility of the Church to indulge in. For example:
Canon 2: If someone says that Christ with these words, "Do this in my remembrance," not married sheffield apostles priests, sheffield or that he has not commanded that they and other priests would sacrifice His own body and blood, let him be anathema.
Canon 3: If someone says that the Mass offering is merely a victim of worship and thanksgiving, or that it is merely a commemoration of the sacrifice that was made on the cross, sheffield but not even an atonement sacrifice or that sacrifice only benefits the like receive it and it should not be sacrificed for the living and the dead, for sins, which atone and satisfaction, and other necessities, let him be anathema.
Canon 9: If anyone says that the Roman Church rite in which parts of the canonical prayers and consecration words are pronounced still, must be condemned, or that the fair should be celebrated exclusively on the native language, or that water should not be mixed in the wine victims in the limestone because it is contrary to Christ's consecration, let him be anathema.
Catholics celebrate thus the great council with reverence and contemplation of the religious tax, which it helped to preserve and survivors also to us, free of errors and heresies. We certainly will not in any way "celebrate" the wrong teachers or their sad "anniversaries" - especially not when it comes to Luther, sheffield which devastated here with us. We remember them with horror, and we maintain the Church's teaching that we have preserved in spite of them and their successors.
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