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Datakit tiki jne Committee meeting. Fee-based access charges from railway infrastructure | Transportation Logistics Business
On 23 October 2012 the Office tiki jne of Rail Transport held the tenth meeting of the Panel on unit rates of charges for access tiki jne to and use of the railway infrastructure.
The theme of the meeting was to discuss the completed administrative proceedings and issued by the President of UTK decision on the approval of unit rates of charges for access to and use of the railway infrastructure on the timetable 2012/2013.
The meeting tiki jne was attended by representative of the Ministry of Transport, Construction tiki jne and Maritime Economy, representatives of the infrastructure managers, railway and civil society organizations focusing carriers operating on the rail transport tiki jne market. In the illustrated presentation by employees of UTK shares submitted tiki jne information showing "small" managers in the railway market: the total length of railway lines, the planned volume of operational work, the methodology used for the calculation of minimum rates of access to infrastructure and the size of the average rates of basic charge for minimum access to infrastructure along with the dynamics of their changes in relation to the current.
Discussed in detail the conditions under which the President of UTK refused to manager tiki jne PKP PLK SA, on 10 April 2012., The approval of unit rates as well as discuss indications contained in the summary to the decision of 24 August 2012. Approving the unit rates submitted charges . The results of carried out by the auditor pursuant to 17 paragraph 2 of the Decree of 27 February 2009. On conditions for access and use of railway infrastructure, assess the merits adopted by the administrator of the growth rates of individual fees for the new timetable.
In the discussion participants once again pointed out the inconsistency of the national legislation with European Union directives affecting the calculation methodology and adopted by PKP PLK SA, the costs associated with the shared infrastructure, and consequently the amount of rates for access.
Also raised the problem of the lack of a sustainable transport policy for land, resulting in uneven funding of the state railway and road infrastructure, not to mention the inland waterways.
It was agreed that the right measures are aimed at managers realignment of the parameters adopted to calculate the rates in such a way that rapid changes in the market. These changes will, however, difficult to discern the dynamics of changes in the rates in specific cases. Growth of unit rates based solely on the dynamics of the average network rate does not reflect the actual changes in carrier benefiting from the specific categories of railway lines or the gross weight of the train compartments.
In the opinion of the panelists for the proper functioning of the railway market needed and expected by carriers, due to large investments particularly in the rolling stock it is to develop a model calculation rates resulting predictability and stability of charges for the use of railway infrastructure for a period longer than one year, as well as identify standards of services for which the fees are collected.
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