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The geographical courier quote location of the registered office of the Company Aranzadi Science co

Aranzadi | Zientzia Elkartea of Sciences Society Science Society Société de Sciences Aranzadi organizing the XVIII Congress of bird ringing to be held in Donostia
Banding courier quote is a tool used for marking and tracking of birds. Thanks to this technique, which allows individual recognition of birds, it is possible courier quote to carry out studies on movement and migration, survival, courier quote reproduction, etc.. These studies are essential to improve courier quote our knowledge on the biology of birds, and playing a key role to provide useful information for the conservation of the same information.
The Congress of Scientific Bird Banding is organized since 1980, biannually, in different parts of Spain. Through lectures, workshops, panels and roundtables, the aim of this conference is to create a forum for dialogue and exchange courier quote of knowledge for the group of banders.
The Congress of Scientific Bird Banding is organized under the auspices of the Centre for Bird Migration, belonging to the Spanish Ornithological Society (SEO / Birdlife). In the 2013 edition, for the first time in its history, this Congress courier quote is co-organized with Aranzadi Science Society, whose office is dean Banding statewide bird banding.
The geographical courier quote location of the registered office of the Company Aranzadi Science courier quote and its long history in the bird banding in marismeños environments, courier quote the general theme of the Congress in 2013 focuses on wetlands. This is to not only create a specific forum to encourage the dissemination of results and update the studies in this type of environment, but also draw attention to the need to promote courier quote and preserve these ecosystems studies, one of the most threatened around the globe.
The conference is divided into several sessions, each session focuses on different areas of knowledge from reproduction, survival, dispersal and movements of birds. The conference opening session are performed each guest speakers courier quote from different state universities, CSIC research centers and Portugal.
In addition to the sessions, two workshops will also be held during the conference. These workshops are more practical sessions aimed at banders. The aim of the workshops is to conduct quality projects banding.
The conference will end with a guided visit to UBC (Urdaibai Bird Center), managed by the Aranzadi Science Society devoted to scientific research and dissemination of birds located in the marshes of Urdaibai courier quote (Bizkaia) center.
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