Saturday, January 18, 2014

The research, led by Arbour and Hirokazu Yoshikawa MaryCatherine, both from the U. Harvard and Erne

Study revealed "chronic absenteeism" in levels of pre-kindergarten and kindergarten RM municipal schools "Opportunity Foundation
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Under the "A Healthy Start" project designed by Harvard direct parcel service University and Educational Opportunity Foundation, which implements the latter in our country, track two years the level of attendance of 1,868 children from pre-kindergarten and kindergarten was performed six communes Metropolitan Region.
The research, led by Arbour and Hirokazu Yoshikawa MaryCatherine, both from the U. Harvard and Ernesto Treviño, Director of the Center for Comparative Politics of Education, Universidad Diego Portales-institution that assesses the impact of "A Good Start" - revealed that children from disadvantaged schools in the RM are missing on average direct parcel service 22, 6% of the school days in pre kindergarten and 20.8% in kindergarten.
Also showed that more than 65% of children in both levels are missing direct parcel service for about 10% of the school days, thus qualifying as children with "early chronic absenteeism," which is associated with poor future performance in language and mathematics specifically in first and fifth grade. This factor also affects a high risk of academic failure and difficulties during childhood and adolescence, such as substance abuse, violent crime, teen pregnancy and depression.
In the context of a major public investment to enhance preschool education in Chile, the study of great connotation noting that any effort to improve the life chances direct parcel service of children will be undermined if frequently absent from school.
The researcher MaryCatherine Arbour emphasized the degree of impact of early childhood education in the life of a child. "There is much evidence worldwide shows that interventions with children in early childhood education can produce impact on your future. Children with access to a quality early childhood education, compared with children in vulnerable situations, will perform better and longer paths, "he said.
The main causes of absenteeism, as reported by parents, are diseases, cold and rain, difficulty in awakening the child / ay a preference to keep it in the house. These causes, said the study, occur more often in vulnerable families which, along with contributing to poor academic performance, emphasizes the achievement gap.
"We investigated the causes of absenteeism in the Chilean context to lower this high rate. The approach is not only research, but give solutions that can step in and make an impact, "Arbour said.
In this line, Educational Opportunity Foundation highlights the need for efficient ways to measure and encourage the participation of children measures. "It is crucial to have accurate records of the level of care for children direct parcel service to begin to combat absenteeism. One alternative we propose is to include pre-kindergarten and kindergarten in the Register of Students of Chile. It taking charge of this we meet expectations effectively realize the benefits that entail greater investment of resources by the public sector, direct parcel service "he said.
The "A Good Start" (UBC) project is a teacher professional development program that is implemented direct parcel service by two years in vulnerable schools and provides training and support in living classroom teams transition levels 1 and 2 (pre-kindergarten and K).
UBC began to be implemented in 2006 schools communes of the Metropolitan Region and since 2011 in Region VI (Rancagua, and Chimbarongo direct parcel service Codegua), expanding and Machalí COINCO this 2013. Go to previous page
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