Friday, February 7, 2014

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Such a problem. Ordered from an Amazon Watch English. Delivery by courier service pttkargo UPS. Since recently, Russia introduced new customs regulations, all parcels without cost (although I less than 200 euros) are tested standard customs clearance. I designed it using a special form UPSa. Sending hanging in UPSe in Moscow pttkargo more than a week. On Amazon pttkargo says that the courier service within 5-7 days. If this will happen next, then after how much I write about this issue Amazonia? pttkargo And I heard that if courier service exceeds all limits, Amazon refunds. Is this true? Comment UPS
As from I-PARSEL have never achieved my patience enough to February 1, 2014. Dashed off a complaint to Amazon about violations of terms of delivery requested to learn the fate of parcels. The same day, the answer came from an Amazon apology and the decision to return redstv. And ruled to return the money for the goods and delivery fee. There was a slight difference between my payment and refund of what I said. On the same day, again comes the decision to pay the shortfall.
I think will be the wait for customs clearance and either it will reach you, or it wrapped. pttkargo If wrapped, everything is clear, ask for a full refund. If it comes - and if you are principled question, write about Amazonia was sentenced pttkargo and ask offset the cost of express delivery. Each case is different of course, but as far as I know Amazon can really pay compensation in such a situation. Comment
Thank you for the answer. Just the whole situation is unpleasant that happens pttkargo in our country around the premises. pttkargo On amazone first book. First, it was nice to have that on the next day after ordering, the parcel was already in Moscow. But when these problems started, and after reading the reviews for UPS, somehow made me sad. Yes it is still the same courier pttkargo service and pay money for it is not small. And indeed the Russian representative UPS (Review) works as it is not very good. Okay, I will wait, especially after filing pttkargo via the Internet status track sample number that the load served customs agency, awaiting the final release. Reply
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