Sunday, February 23, 2014

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Pinoy plane types and fell upon the survivors and the pilot a Stewardes. Dark to find survivors so they found a place. worldwide parcel services Cottage they saw and have come to iang old man. They said that their plane crash and dark and you do not have to see them first makikitulog. Said the old man was just okay and the bed so he could double deck bed. Go ahead and go to sleep and here I am at the height of the double deck bed. Nuong near dawn cried the old man and says that there are two strong worldwide parcel services earthquakes U and humanig double deck bed. He said pilot that they nalalampungan stewardes its first flight and they Daw. Said the old man was okay. Close it clear two naglalampungan the earthquake allegedly shouted loudly. Said Grandfather, father, and I do not have to worry yun and it's solo flight.
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