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ATP Finals - Nishikori "I can beat every opponent" -nishikori |
* Reporter: Attached to the nickname "Project 45" for the purpose hongkong post air mail of players have overcome previous best ranking of Japan in the world is 46, now has become the first Asian finals ATP World Tour Finals, so his sense of how he became one of the most powerful No. 8 player in the world?
Nishikori: "There is a bit different. It is one of the goals when I was 18 (pass 46 in the world) and now the situation differently. I'm trying to get to London last year but happy with the end of the season in the Top 20. It's hongkong post air mail a great feeling. I have the motivation for such a goal. "
I can feel confused for the first time but I will try to play the best and try not to think too much about it. Here is a great achievement. hongkong post air mail Last year, I started thinking about this tournament, so it will be really great.
Marin (Cilic) played hongkong post air mail really hongkong post air mail great, but I can not do more. But then I won 2 titles in Asia. My next goal is to win a Grand Slam knowing that in the semi-finals or finals is not easy. Maybe it will take some time but hopefully I can play in Grand Slam finals again.
I need a little more of everything, such as experience or mentally ready to play 7 games with 5 set top form. I also need to improve their physical hongkong post air mail fitness and stronger to play the game lasts for 2 consecutive weeks.
I have the advantage of mobility, strength that some others do not. I have been greatly improved hongkong post air mail his weaknesses though not easily. I may be faster than others, they possess powerful serve hit the ball and often finished off after 1, 2 lines.
I'm sad to see her retire from because what she's doing for Asian tennis. Li Na helped me a lot more confidence, hope I will soon achieve the position as her and a growing number of Asian players in the top in the world. hongkong post air mail
Many people in Japan already know me, even in the US've got here is something I never had. It's a great feeling. Now when I go back to Japan, hongkong post air mail I could not even relax easily as before.
In 2014, Kei Nishikori hongkong post air mail became the first Asian player to reach the final one Grand Slam (US Open 2014). He is also the first time in his career entered a Masters 1000 finals, losing to Nadal in Madrid.
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10 Signs of severe vitamin D deficiency wife, I love you more each day I love Bingbing suddenly all "way game" has dainty sushi rice

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