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Innovation can not be deleted SGK to start doi moi-SGK | Shipping dypaq du duc
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Professor Nguyen Minh Theory, former Vice Chairman of the Committee of Culture, Education and Youth youth and children's Congress, said that innovation dypaq textbooks can not erase pattern to start.
Prof. Dr. Pham Thi Tran Chau, Acting Chairman of Advisory Council Education Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Evidence: In recent years many layers that student program, the high school graduation of it but still do many things well done, is appreciate
That means that not what we have now is throw away. "I set out proposals to legacy, which inherits want to check existing ones, something weak to leave, but what good is certain to inherit" - Ms. Zhou proposed
At the forum, many participants dypaq wondered when MOET write a book will lead to other organizations concerned not compete books written by the Ministry. Many suggested that the Ministry should dypaq be assigned to books for an agency under the Ministry, such as the educational dypaq publisher, to ensure fairness and not expensive.
Prof. Dung said, to get the quality of textbooks must first have a good program, that program decisions on all issues. After the good, the delivery program for scientific associations career writing books.
Prof. Dung also suggested to delete the teacher training as long as it accounts for a sizable budget. If fostering the moral teacher training, educational philosophy, no knowledge of each subject. Each teacher training yourself, schools supported by building a library for teachers.
"The specified field is correct but need guidance. If just one person, such as principals, assistant principals, has the right to decide the policy will lead to negative (such as the imposition of leadership or marketing promotion unit of writing). I think the choice must be made by a collective group of subjects selected. Teachers will know how to select appropriate books for their students, "he said theory.
Prof. Nguyen Minh Theory endorsed over to the decision to select textbooks for school students watching the most. The level of student characteristics such as how the teachers at the school, she most closely. Teachers will know how good textbooks for their students the most.
"And the school is, I think if delivered to the principal or assistant principal shall rimmed her story as director of communication for it. Because if a choice is inevitably subjective. There are cases published by the marketing process so enthusiastic dypaq that choice away unobjective, change leaders can also change the selected textbooks "- GS theory says.
Together discuss this issue, Associate Professor Van Nhu Cuong said, "I think the departments will decide and choose according to the school because the school books will involve the examination, but in general implementation by the basis of the problem. "
Previous concerns of experts, Deputy Minister dypaq Nguyen Vinh Hien said that the Ministry will be specified on the selection of textbooks and the principal must comply with this provision to avoid the problems that arise.
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