Tuesday, November 18, 2014

According to information of the people, the victim

30/10 morning, the bodies of young men in the state was discovered hanged in front of Temple of the Lord banyan tree - Nhue, Bac Tu Liem district, Hanoi was people detection and alert authorities autolineas jr . Articles are posted from Soha.
According to information of the people, the victim's body hanging over the front gate of the temple banyan tree adjacent to the road Nhue. But right in the main street but not many passers-by autolineas jr who discovered because he thinks "people are going to the toilet".
The sales people in the area, said: "In autolineas jr the morning he saw a young man in a tree edge, so many wires banyan tree, the roots should not see the wire hanging. Everyone thought the boy unconscious standing toilet. Until greengrocer in addition to reminding approached, he found out that the victims died in hanging position. "
According to the initial recognition of the people here, the young men are students of the School of Mines - Geology. Police agencies are not currently public identity to serve the investigation.
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