Monday, March 30, 2015

Boy Genius

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DATABASE citysprint feta police: European and American citysprint research groups study from Google, because citysprint it takes advantage of the "+1" advertisement Safari citysprint browser began their mission. According to the report, the independent teams in Europe and the United States simultaneously exploited his research on the key Google "+1", began to send targeted advertising to users. The study is an attempt by Google to track the online activities of users to manipulate the settings and install the Safari browser users to use cookies for advertising networks are studied. Google claims that the abuse of Safari preferences are purely coincidental, and the company has quickly erase data from it. This security vulnerability in all versions of the Safari browser on mobile phones and PCs with multiple operating systems and Mac him there. Google has promised to cooperate with the special teams, citysprint but stressed that it had no intentional use Safari's security weaknesses, and on the other hand all the information and data tracking cookies from the slave. Google In addition to this, the United States is engaged in a number of other charges being investigated by federal and state authorities. Related topics: security consultancy, information citysprint design, implementation, control, security, access, use, disclosure, read, copy, record, citysprint change, physical security, sensitive center, sabotage, espionage, theft, operations, information security, computer security , National Security Labels: abuse | America | Europe | Safari | R | Where
The pamphlet authoring a blog administrator full information for the business and human intrusion prevention and any attacks and data theft and maintain security of private companies supporting their trade secrets and methods are available only through e-mail questions, please explain in case of necessity You will be contacted by any organization, company or individual to manage their activities required to maintain and manage data, particularly for long term storage of information we are with you, please contact us to all human problems and behavioral risks in order to leak information to explain something to you for your information, I give implications -Syb enterprise information security Mygzarm and, in general information to business intelligence prevent espionage prevent avoid electronic Cyber espionage. Career Secrets prevent theft. Prevent the transfer of technology. Prevent industrial espionage. Stop stealing other professional technical information you avoid the influence of others citysprint in your company and business centers of isolating sensitive if you do not want to expose your secret communication through e-mail link to communicate questions, if necessary, you not just via e-mail link calls expression in the blog search engine citysprint will find anything you can fit several thousand thoughts in this blog article is available to you Please express your questions via email only if necessary you will be contacted citysprint secur.1392 @ citysprint Information on business and human intrusion prevention any attacks and data theft and maintain security of private firms is Any organization, company or any person to manage their maintenance activities and the Information citysprint Management We 're on your side, please contact us to all human problems and behavioral risks of information leakage in order for you to explain something to you I will share information - Organizational information security vulnerabilities And general information Preventing commercial spyware Prevent electronic spy Prevent cyber espionage. Prevent Theft of career secrets. Prevent technology transfer. Prevent industrial espionage. Prevent theft of technical information. Intrusion Prevention in Your Company Isolated Centers and sensitive jobs If you do not want to expose your secret to communicate citysprint Please express your questions via email only if necessary you will be contacted secur.1392 @ Search the blog you can find something to fit any thoughts on this blog is for you several thousand articles
Mobile phone surveillance information, control information, tracking.
Boy Genius
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