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Colonel Eli Garrison (Ely Garrison), a close friend of both the President, Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson ((Woodrow Wilson was. Garrison Roosevelt, Wilson and the Federal Reserve, wrote: "Paul Varbrgz, who was the Federal Reserve Act, after the Aldrich Plan (Aldrich Plan) created as a result of driving anger and opposition throughout the country. thinker and creator of the project was Baron Alfred Rvtschyld of London. "
Aldrich Plan in 1910, at a meeting in Vmhrmanh private sanctuary JP Morgan (JP Morgan), located in Jekyll Island (Jekyll Island) between Vice Rockefeller Nelson Aldrich (Nelson Aldrich) and Paul Warburg of the Warburg banking dynasty Germany was performed. Aldrich Rockefeller of New York and a member of Congress, America later intermarried with the family. His son, Winthrop Aldrich coastal courier ((Winthrop Aldrich Chase Manhattan Bank's presidency ((Chase Manhattan achieved. While bankers met, Colonel Edward House (Edward House), another Rockefeller puppets and close confidant of Woodrow Wilson, President worked to convince the President of the importance of creating a private central banks and national income tax was invented. A member of the House, coastal courier Great Britain, Prmyndks XVI (Mil Permindex), Mvrdatmadzhnral Klein Julius (Julius Klein), respectively. (2)
Wilson did not need much convincing, because she ion mode Dodge Copper Mine Cleveland (Cleveland Dodge), respectively. The company that called Phelps Dodge (Phelps Dodge) is one of the largest mining companies in the world had become. Dodge financially supported Wilson's political activities. Wilson even on a sailboat Dodge did his inauguration. (3)
Wilson with both Dodge and Cyrus McCormick (Syrus Mc Cormick) was a classmate at Princeton University. Both were national bank manager Rockefeller (Rockefeller's National City Bank), which is now known as Citigroup. The main focus of Wilson overcome public distrust coastal courier of the bankers that New York Mayor John Hayln (John Hylan) in 1922, and argued that the echo of the "real threat to our Republic is the invisible government which is like a giant octopus the depravity of their arms around the city, state and nation is complex. coastal courier On top of that, a small group of banking dynasty, which is generally attributed to a family of international bankers, we are told. "(4)
But these were the dominant family of eight. In 1913, the Federal Reserve stepped into the arena, there was Paul Warburg was the first governor of the rule. Four years after the United States coastal courier entered World War I, after the invisible hand Vmhrmanh called Black (Black Hand), Archduke Ferdinand coastal courier (Archduke Ferdinand) and his wife, Habzbvrg (Habsburg) killed. Likes Archduke (Archduke), Count Szryn ((Count Czerin later said: "A year before the outbreak of war, he informed me that the Freemasons after his death issue was resolved." (5)
In 1920, Baron Edmond Rvtschyld, coastal courier the Commission established the Palestinian economy. coastal courier With offices located in Manhattan Rvtschyld Kuhn Loeb to form a network of smuggling weapons to the Zionist death squads were provided to the Palestinian occupied territories. General coastal courier Julius Klein oversaw the activity and the head of military intelligence Kysynjrra America later artistic coastal courier production, respectively. coastal courier Klein Marshall Plan in Europe after World War II Zionist coastal courier Palestinian terror cells focused funds through media institution Bourne ((Sonneborn by the gentleman from Rudolph Magnet Chemical Company (Chemical Magnet Rudolph), located Drbaltymvr ( NY) was controlled, the channel. Discovering his wife Dorothy (Dorothy Schiff) is Azbstgan Warburg. (6)
Warburg, Kuhn Loeb family by family moved to Manhattan. At the same time Branfmnz family (Bronfmans) as part of the Committee for Jewish colonization of Mantfyvr Musa (Moses Montefiore) were in Canada. On this side of the thirteenth century, the family coastal courier Mantfyvr illegitimate and illegal activities aristocracy Genoa (Genoese, a small port town in northwestern Italy) were doing. Aspvdafvras family (de Spodaforas) The task for the Italian coastal courier family Savi (Savoy) did, which was backed by Israel coastal courier Moses Seif (Israel Moses Seif) which was named by Israel. Harold Sbag Mantfyvr Lord (Lord Harold Sebag Montefiore) currently serves as president of the Jerusalem Foundation, the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem branch coastal courier of the Zionist (St. John Jeruslem) is. Branfmn (Bronfman, in Hebrew, means "alcohol sales" or "liquor man" is) with Rvtshtayn Arnold (Arnold Rothstein), the product of the dreaded Empire Rötz

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