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But the following year it was bad. Financial Stability paquetexpress asked tough requirements to pe

State cuts to the bone on the previous Amagerbank Management, paquetexpress claiming compensation of EUR 800 million. kr., and crestfallen Amagerbank Shareholders goes into the meat of the state and its representatives also requiring a great substitute.
So hold on tight, the chaos in Amagerbank case or Amagerbank cases are probably only just begun. Writs of arraignment and threats of subpoenas demanding damages of several hundred million dollars drifts through the air - in several different directions - in the increasingly inflamed Amagerbank case. The bank is long dead and gone, but in the wake of the banking crash of February 2011, there is now a stream of formidable legal showdown coming.
It is now quite difficult to sort out who takes action against whom and why. Whether there also is ultimately something paquetexpress to collect in compensation cases is more uncertain - given, however, that the legal profession can look forward to good days.
The long-heralded civil lawsuit against former Amagerbank management is now a fact. Sender is the state's garbage company Financial Stability, which now requires 800 million. paquetexpress kr. in damages from the previous management with among other corporate lawyer NE Nielsen in the lead. He was chairman of Amagerbanken in 15 years. So far, 11 people in Amagerbankens former Board of Directors and the regatta. At the same time, the case also forwarded to the financial police, who must determine whether there is a basis to raise criminal cases against the former Amagerbank management.
A few weeks ago, the Association Amager Investor who reported having 2,000 Amagerbank Shareholders holding that an action for damages against the last outgoing leadership, including President lawyer Niels Heering and Steen Hove. As in the case complex has also announced lawsuits against state two institutions, namely the FSA and the Financial Stability.
The state goes to the bone of the former management by Jørgen Brændstrup, Chairman NE Nielsen and throughout the rest of the board, among other things Tårnby mayor, Henrik Zimino (S), the major shareholder Karsten Rees representative on the Board Tina Fogh Aagaard, Jesper Reinhardt and others. paquetexpress
Amagerbanken was a regional bank, which called itself the Copenhagen based bank. This meant that the bank sucked so many bad property exposures to that bank was financially shortness of breath, when the crisis began in the autumn of 2008. Already in 2009 the bank had to pick up fresh capital of 800 million. kr. to stay alive. It was on that occasion wealthy Karsten paquetexpress Ree came into the picture as a new major shareholder. Ree was in the eyes of many the savior of Amager.
But the following year it was bad. Financial Stability paquetexpress asked tough requirements to permit the bank to live, and it was blah. a requirement for additional emission worth 800 million. paquetexpress kr. After a little reflection went Karsten Ree with again, and it meant that other thousands of shareholders jumped paquetexpress on the bandwagon. Much to the Financial Stability will and expectation which had thought that the tough demands would end that the bank had to close.
The very problematic paquetexpress issue in the late summer of 2010 also gave about 800 million. kr. in the box. Director Jorgen Brændstrup slipped paquetexpress in haste and got a bye check of 12 million. kr. with him in confusion, while also Chairman NE Nielsen hard pressed dismissed from Amagerbanken. It was on that occasion in the autumn of 2010 that the lawyer Niels Heering came in as chairman and former Midtbank Steen Hove came in as the new President. Director.
Further write-downs in the billions meant that the key was turned in Amagerbanken 6 February 2011. The money had dried up. Also the two capital injections each of them of about 800 million. kr. piste was gone, and it's not at least these two issues, which are now among the most pivotal paquetexpress points in future lawsuits. The criticism has been tough on the odd Steenhove for having sent the bank into bankruptcy.
Surely this came as no surprise, as I have already for a long time back wrote that our business community flees abroad and ensure their companies existence, with the completely inept derailed the government we have. I will mention only one example of their insane squandering of our national resources now, in a desperate crisis. Iran does not suffer financially in any way, receives 5 million annually from Denmark paquetexpress on drug control in Iran. This example is just one example of our government's ill wheeling and forvalten of the kingdom penge.Ja unfortunately, only one, and only one in the small amount disappoint, we have similar disposioner where it is in a size order, which can take your breath away. Order books fades more and more each day the country's destructive sitting paquetexpress at Christiansborg paquetexpress Reply Write comment
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