Sunday, March 29, 2015

He pointed to more than 3 decades of war in his country, said the long war in Afghanistan, both mat

8 am: Kabul, Taliban terror was targeted again. Terrorists to the United Nations offices in nearby maternity hospital in Kabul attacked Shfakhanhay twenty-four hours busy and serves patients. Taliban objective is clear: killing terror. They think that by killing and terrorizing apaczka the people of Afghanistan and the world, and thoughts can impose his rule over the country. That is why the Taliban to destroy the mental and emotional security. apaczka I do not feel sick in the hospital, not a child in school, nor prayers in the mosque. The Taliban and their supporters have launched apaczka the war, the end justifies the means. Even if they kill their children closer to their goal, not afraid of it.
Marthayy suicide apaczka bombers to attack apaczka the security level is relatively high, indicating that the discovery and intelligence agencies, we still have serious apaczka problems and vacuum. Though many organizations have made bold operations and many terrorist plots have been discovered and neutralized, apaczka but Baan seen over the body, Khlahayy that they should be compensated. It is expected that at least the people of Afghanistan, apaczka Kabul, Paykht should largely be safe.
For Amnsazy cable, in addition to enhanced discovery and intelligence agencies, as well as support for terrorism suspects punishment is needed. Repeatedly issued arrest terrorists, apaczka but a trial for those who have cooperated with the terrorists apaczka and to provide apaczka them instead, and you have not heard anything.
There is no doubt that terrorists and suicide nets, their support apaczka networks. Those are the big cities, for them, was the place to be to provide them guidance. Those who harbor terrorists, suicide, and Rhnmayyshan apaczka they should be punished. They also need to be Mvmymrfy thoughts. They remain unknown, causes the killings continued support.
Security forces in a valiant apaczka effort to curb terrorist Hadshhay, apaczka is worthy of support. Now that the international forces leave, you must meet all the requirements of the internal forces. In addition, the international community should take seriously the problem of terrorist bases and training centers. Kabul police chief, said his forces, sophisticated and coordinated attack, collide. Every man knows nothing of such attacks require apaczka months of planning and coordination. The terrorists who carried out such attacks, they are highly educated. Naturally, the non-specialist training and inexperienced people do not. Those terrorists are trained on the job for more than half a century of experience. The bases and bunkers until the problem in Pakistan is not resolved, terrorism continues. Safety bases and training centers of terrorism in Pakistan, even threatens global security. This problem can not be solved only by the drone. The international community should jointly and coordinated pressure on the Pakistani army, to fight terrorism apaczka training centers and bases them and not to allow the territory and its resources provide terrorists.
Fars news agency reported on Monday, Amina Afzali, Minister of Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled of Afghanistan in Dushanbe, the Tajik-Afghan friendship meeting with members of his views on developments in Afghanistan, the situation of women and the future of the country represented.
He pointed to more than 3 decades of war in his country, said the long war in Afghanistan, both material and spiritual all the infrastructure destroyed and damaged ruins and left the country. apaczka Human Resources found that the psychological damage that a large number of scientists on the basis of our country. We are not favorable conditions for youth to appropriate education, especially higher education. In general, these are all problems that the country long after the war is over.
Afzali emphasized: satisfying that in the last 10 years, despite apaczka the turmoil and problems plagued the country, but also has the potential for growth in various sectors apaczka has been provided. Fortunately, at this time the efforts and cooperation of friendly apaczka countries have done, much progress has been achieved.
Minister of Labour and Social Affairs pointed out that in the last decade a large number of immigrant women who were born in different countries to return home and rebuild their activities for the acceptance of women in various fields of intellectual paid. Women today we Zmynh

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