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Sports - Hockey

Sports - Hockey
Britons anxious expectation has been completed. Duchess Catherine was born today at 17:25 healthy baby boy. For her and Prince William's first child at the same time, the new link in the chain of British tirupati courier Heir. The new prince is heavy about 3.8 kilograms names in the royal palace have not yet issued. tirupati courier The bookmakers, where the royal children at the expense of the last few days collecting record amounts to keep the name of George, James and Alexander. Otherwise the name of the prince royal family - the same as on Monday evening his birth - officially announced on the golden tablets from Buckingham Palace. When this will happen is difficult to predict. At William's name had to be British, for example to wait a week, in the name of his father Prince Charles as much as a month. William's official name is William Arthur Philip Louis, Charles and Charles Philip Arthur George. But it is the third in line to the throne after the horoscope cancer - the same as his father William, born 21 June 1982, and his deceased tirupati courier grandmother Diana, born 1 July 1961. But this year's cancer has just missed a sign left - exactly 30 minutes tirupati courier after his birth, at 16:54, is the Sun enters tirupati courier the constellation of the Lion. According to astrologers, the star so he predicted that the great leader. From the world have already started to rain greeting cards with best wishes. The first is from the Prime Minister David Cameron. Queen Elizabeth II is impressed grandchildren, as well as Prince Charles of grandchildren. He's happy, of course, Prince tirupati courier William, who was present at the birth and will enjoy two weeks paternity leave. Like the Prince's late mother Princess Diana, the Duchess decided to give birth in the hospital St.Mary in Paddington, in the area known as Wing Linda. According to the information known before the birth, she decided to natural childbirth, which, according to rough estimates connoisseurs cost around 10,000 pounds sterling, most of the money he is due to private suite, which was hired for her royal family. tirupati courier Five interesting facts about the royal births 1 Until 1936 the birth of new members of the British royal family attended the ministers. This type of certification of birth for Catherine will not be necessary. tirupati courier Second Catherine's birth not attend Archbishop of Canteburyja as it was in the past habit. 3 Once the birth of the future king had confirmed 42 eminent names and local public life. 4 Children of William and Catherine does not necessarily require tirupati courier a surname. Members of the family bearing the name of his / her viskost royal prince / princess ... you do not need. 5 The news of the birth of the first to know the Queen, then a family, only then will be transferred to the Royal Courier news gathered from Buckingham Palace. Birth in the embrace of luxury in this department, specializing in complex pregnancy and postpartum woman with a desire for greater privacy, are used in the world prijokala as Prince William and Harry. Suites are equipped with satellite TV, radio, safe, telephone and fridge obposteljim. Immediately after giving birth to Catherine can - though probably not for the decision - with relatives on the birth of a child a toast with wine from the extensive wine cellar, which boasts nursery. Duchess of the course expectations have access to the Internet and a wide range of daily newspapers. Available it was also quite the little army nursing staff and assistants. Important role before and during labor will play a gynecological surgeon Marcus Setchell and Alan Farthing, who has been with the official gynecologist Windsor family members. Setchell will also be present at birth, Farthing, the media, also known as the former fiance murdered TV presenter Jill Dando. It is 69-year-old doctor duchess tirupati courier helped its serious drawbacks to the face last December. Setchell has in the past during childbirth also help wesseški Countess, Sophie. In 2007, the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla performed tirupati courier hysterectomy. Because of the many merits of the father of four children in 2004, distinguished herself Queen Elizabeth. The Duchess Catherine is first met shortly before marrying William. When the royal children are born ... Birth of new members, tirupati courier even if it comes from the monarch immediate family circle, in the British royal family is always a great event. Queen Elizabeth II is by caesarean section birth to 21 April 1926 at 2:40 in my grandfather's London house at 17 Bruton Street, Mayfair. They were baptized by vv private chapel of Buckingham Palace and named it after my mother and both grandmothers - Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. Close family called her Lilibet. Princess Margaret was born in 1930 21.avgusta

Sunday, September 29, 2013

All four accused are Fabjančičevih words have specific tasks in a criminal organization of their ac

Balkan Warrior: Fell judgment of conviction for messengers, Tosic relieved! | Politikis
Chamber Ljubljana District Court, four accused - Anesa Selman, parcelhero Mark Bubliča, Sandro Udrih and Dejan Zupan - found guilty of charges relating to the alleged offenses of illicit production of and trafficking in drugs and criminal association in Italy. parcelhero Other forgive the Senate, including prvoobtoženega Dragan Tosic.
The maximum penalty was given Selman, namely 10 years. Bublič was sentenced to eight years, the mayor, seven years Udrihova more than four years in prison. Judge Gorazd parcelhero Fabjančič in its judgment, explained parcelhero that a conviction based on evidence obtained in Italy. There they carried out three major seizures of cocaine in whose transport and storage should be involved Bublič and Zupan, Udrihova should take care of the car hire and acquire forged documents.
Selman's initial findings prosecutor in charge of keeping drugs and collect the money, said the judge. parcelhero After the confession skesanca Francesca Petrelli is a complement to the prosecution allegations that the Selman parcelhero Petrelli sell 450 kilos of cocaine. The Court held that the Selman alleged offense certainly did, but did not follow the "mathematical calculation of the prosecution," but believes that it is not determined parcelhero by the amount of the drug.
All four accused are Fabjančičevih words have specific tasks in a criminal organization of their activities were certainly aware of it. Penalties are therefore suitable severity of the offenses, the judge said, adding that in sentencing Sandra Udrih into account that a single mother. Bublič, Selman and Udrihova will also have to pay its share of the cost of litigation, Zupan, due to their material condition parcelhero be exempt. It also will not have to pay court costs 13 exempt, this section will be charged to the budget.
The trial began on 10 last May, almost a year after an extensive police action. The dock is saddle 17 accused to be involved in the international trafficking organization. They all denied involvement in cocaine trafficking, the defense has challenged the evidence, as it is alleged to be unlawful.
The Court of them two weeks ago and was recovered partially upheld Slovenian and Serbian evidence in the case file remained those obtained in Italy and Uruguay. The prosecution parcelhero insists on the legality of the evidence submitted, it is expected to appeal at least on their part. To date, it has featured parcelhero 82 hearings.
The parties to the proceedings may appeal the judgment within 15 days of service of a copy of the judgment. If in this case, given the appeal, they will be dealt with by the High Court of Ljubljana. Appeal Court decision on the appeal or accept the panel session or a hearing is held. (AFP)
Judge in jail and even 'Court for a fuck, "This is a legal stand as Masleše IN AND FIŠER Turk, shame and absurdity of this SKROPUCALASTO COURT, it's probably nice kasiral of these" junkies parcelhero ".
VAAAAUUUU!! Surprise! Our judiciary can not interfere. INNOCENCE EN!! VAAAAUUUU! BRAVO! We exclude all evidence offered, but what we can not? Bastards, what have you done out of my S? LOVENIA
Now it is clear why he left the hotel in any way and set Fišer Maslešo.Ta judgment of today is a testament to our tycoons and politicians and the thief need not fear any kazni.Italjanski skesanec said SLOVENIA is a paradise for MAFIJO.A is what mistake? Slovenia Government UDBOMAFIJA.
See Ude, Pirnat, Masleša, etc, etc. themselves thieves, protecting it legally barn, ugabni defective basal drug thieves Nepa judges neverjamem I never, ever the "rule of law" parcelhero because it is a legal constant, yes you read it right LEGAL stood SLOVENIA!
The SKY IS VPIJOJOĆE than today DONALD DEMŠAR criminal investigators wrote in the log DA OPSTAJA apology SUM that a judge is corrupt. . Judicial Council and Association of Judges will support the Chamber parcelhero exempts Tosic. Behind everything network. Prosecutor good job. . OPSTAJA apology SUM that defense with a lot of "repent" stuff reconciliation parcelhero in OPROSTILONO verdict. MR PANJAN judges were sacred cow and is subject to laws of the country SLOVENIA. JUDGMENT HAD a difficult POLITICAL IMPLICATIONS OF SLOVENIA reputation in the world. THIS IS topple governments JJ.
What does Pličanič or Plic-sucks or anything else that we have such a mafia state??????????? Take action to heaven all pocrkalo that's one big mafia COUNTRY, which is protected from the judges, it's horror parcelhero and dismay bearings SO WHY DO WE pay or that the legal rabble-stood OF SUCH CRIMINAL DECISIONS, Mars U 3 PM


"Fuzbalska" alleged corruption affair Offside: "The newspaper got 30,000" blue dart courier | Politikis
In court in Zagreb was listening to prisluhov blue dart courier continued trial in alleged blue dart courier corruption affair which is quite a shock for the Croatian football and also grazed Slovenia. Croatian prosecutors with illustrative footage shows how the then Vice Croatian Football Federation received the promise of a bribe to a "fair trial."
Investigators Croatian Bureau of Anti-Corruption and Organised Crime (USKOK) were collected solid evidence blue dart courier that at the end of 2011, the then Vice-President of the umbrella organization blue dart courier of Croatian football Željko Širić bribes in the amount of EUR 30,000 for the promise of a "fair trial" promised "reward" or commission has promised, and then paid the then President of Hajduk Split's first league Hrvoje Maleš, which is working undercover as a secret police collaborator.
"Listen, I told you it wrapped in newspaper. I'll give you Sportske innovations. In the newspaper got 30,000, "the Crown Prosecution evidence, blue dart courier which was heard in court and which promises a bribe Maleš Širiću during their meeting in one of Zagreb's blue dart courier hotels. The meeting blue dart courier was attended Stjepan Djedović, which should act as a messenger between males and Širićem. From the images it is possible to figure out a way to deliver cash, when the actor bribery agreed to Maleš money wrapped in newspaper placed in Djedovićev car. Širića were arrested shortly after the handover of the accused was also Djedović to him because of ill health are separate.
At another blue dart courier husband Croatian Football Federation was on the bench for the accused himself is the former secretary of a football blue dart courier club from Neven Karlovac Šprajcer, which was for some time secretary of the Association of prvoligašev. Even the indictment charged him of bribery Širića that in exchange for "reward" $ 15,000 per season promised blue dart courier a "fair trial".
It's just tip of the iceberg so-called alleged corruption affair offside when he fell believe in the accuracy of the results as much as 12 championship matches. In court, the conviction has been handed down sentences blue dart courier 15 footballers blue dart courier and club officials Croatia Sesvete, VARTEKS and Medjimurje. blue dart courier Six of the accused blue dart courier has previously entered into an agreement blue dart courier with the investigators uskok, blue dart courier including the three organizers of tailoring the results of football matches, namely former youth team coach at Dinamo Zagreb and Vinko Šako Slovenian citizens din Lalic and Admirjem Suljić. (AFP)
This is unacceptable and crazy at the same time. Impoverished Slovenian nutrients are now solving even the tycoons?! Only available in Slovenia. Vsekako this does not agree! Milan Kucan must somehow solve their network forumaško F21. Let's help him!
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Resnicomer by which we separate the wheat from the chaff, lies and manipulation, has 5 levels: 100

Slovenia has more judges to the population in the EU? Hold on.
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"The judicial administration lacking courier companies because courier companies we have by far the highest number of judges per inhabitant in the EU." Aleš Zalar, lawyer and politician, former courier companies Minister of Justice, on Twitter (April 4, 2013), with a link to an article published on the MMC RTV SLO.
Resnicomer by which we separate the wheat from the chaff, lies and manipulation, has 5 levels: 100 - FALSE STATEMENT, 75 - statement mostly true 50 - bit true statement, 25 - Statement mostly false, 0 - statement is not true. Additionally, the sixth level, occupying a thick lie.
Media report on which the former Minister courier companies of Justice announced his tweet, talk about it because of the abolition of the project Lukenda lost their jobs about 7 per cent of judicial support staff that is professional associates, legal assistants vpisničarjev, zapisničarjev and couriers.
Lukenda project was a government attempt to remove courier companies the backlog of cases in 2005, the duration of which was initially planned for 2010, and then extended until the end of 2012. Was named after Franjo Lukenda Slovenian citizen courier companies who, after almost ten years of waiting for the outcome of the legal proceedings courier companies in Slovenia turned to the European Court of Human Rights, and there's been unsuccessful because of the right to trial within a reasonable time. In pursuit of a more rapid resolution of court cases, the government of the Lukenda project has provided a range of measures, including the recruitment of additional staff, to relieve the work of judges. Between the new government and the judiciary is currently engaged in discussions concerning the extension and restructuring of the project and associated measures to increase the efficiency courier companies of courts and reduce the backlog.
Last comprehensive analysis of the number of judges available to the population in each EU Member State arising courier companies from the report (p. 144), a special commission of the Council of Europe on the evaluation of European judicial systems in 2012. The report is based on data from 2010. Slovenia is really one of the top EU Member States courier companies in the number of judges per citizen. We have far more than what his 49.9 per 100,000 citizens, followed by Luxembourg with 36.7 judges per 100,000 population, followed by Greece with 29.3 judges per 100,000 inhabitants. Minimum number of judges has Ireland, only 3.2 per 100,000 population. courier companies
If we look at the data on the number of judges in Slovenia in 2012, we find that the number remained courier companies virtually unchanged, we had a judge 48.69 per 100,000 population. More than obvious, therefore, that the number of judges per capita we are reaching high above the EU average (15.6).
Slovenia is relatively high in the European average in terms of number of non-judicial personnel on the judge. In 2010 we had 3.2 non-judicial personnel to the judge, and in 2012 this figure had risen to 3.34. In most European countries record 3-4 support staff in one professional courier companies judge. From EU member states, the highest proportion, about 10 non-judicial staff in one professional judge recorded in Malta, at least, less than two to one professional judge in Luxembourg. (Source, p. 161)
Part Zalar statement that judicial administration lacking in this analysis do not judge, because it is a value judgment that is largely subjective, our judiciary, for example, highlights courier companies the position that we have too little judicial support staff, courier companies because the greater number of them relieve a judge, which can then be given to eliminating the backlog. Given that Slovenia for 2013 predicts a 7 per cent reduction in the number of court staff, while 5 percent decrease in the number of judges, courier companies the judicial support staff to judge the new 3.26, which we are still at the average of European countries for indicators of in 2010.
Slovenia records 49.9 judges per 100,000 inhabitants. Average for European countries is 21.6 and for the EU and 15.6 judges courier companies per 100,000 inhabitants. In the analysis, we assessed whether our judges have sufficient support to non-judicial personnel or not, or lack of it or not, because it is a subjective assessment, but I can say that professional judges in Slovenia the number of non-judicial personnel helps them (3.34 support staff in one professional judge in 2012), do not fall behind the European average (3-4 non-judicial staff in one professional judge).

The project was supported by the U.S. Embassy in Ljubljana

The boy leaves dtdc on the way to buy cigarettes fehtarja from this company and magazine onega feht

Querulant "Courier
On the road hated, but loved all those who have worked tirelessly sent by the most impossible orders in the most impossible a short time ... the drivers of white vans, looking even more than other motorists wishing to live in their own world, where they can when listening to Nirvana calm raging at its empty roads still Lovech green wave without dedijev dtdc hats, whose golf, year five, with eight thousand kilometers, representing stationary traffic in the middle of the highway. Nirvana.
Of course not. Picking orders still delayed, because there is always one and the same person has not yet completed what should be delivered to the client two weeks ago. A courier would be the savior of the situation, because, according dtdc to the fourteen-day delay shipment delivered in record time, which will have not only violate virtually all traffic rules, but also deviate from the planned route already. Ultimately, dtdc however, start with Fifteen minutes late, although it is still one and the same person defaulting to ensure that the matter will be completed in three minutes. Already the first corner it is called by another person who is forgetting something, but it is also essential dtdc to be contacted, to forget all the other orders and delivered its first shipment, which should have been delivered yesterday, but the documents were not yet ready. Cursing courier oddivja back and blaspheme the first pound, which was the devastating braking again tip over and cause a disturbance until the end of the day, because he will not be bothered to re-fix. Why the fuck drives a five and a half meters long van, if the bucket is almost always empty, it is uncertain. A person with a forgotten envelope waiting in the middle of the staircase, perhaps thinking that this courier significantly facilitate the work.
The boy leaves dtdc on the way to buy cigarettes fehtarja from this company and magazine onega fehtarja from the firm, knowing that the money he will never return, but it will at least cover the possible error. On the imminent discharge of the fuel tank recalling light carry out its task because the other driver again managed to empty the entire stock. Lump has never ducting fuel, but always soak it!
Already racing at the next order, and only found out that somebody screwed dtdc and that instead of three trucks to pick up four, which is a combination of course too. Forklift driver is leaning on the steering wheel orange buzzer, dtdc privoščljivo smiles foamed courier sent to all of the various bodies and four tonnes of heavy van slowly oddrsa the courtyard. Of course, his palette, despite the caution at the first turn to fall over because someone did not do his work. Foam is brought back to where the responsibility for this situation to keep the head and shaken joke at the expense of incompetent driver, even hundreds of meters seen that stuff on a pallet owner bandaged dtdc drunken dtdc incompetent, now fled to lunch. Further half an hour to collectively address the situation, but is becoming increasingly apparent that most of the work done nothing to blame the courier.
As the van preobtežen to podrsa after each lying cop, robo first transported to the warehouse of the company, where he maintainer natuli because it is heavily loaded, even though he is the three-quarter hours on the phone to advise exactly that. After storage Slacker drink coffee, eat a sandwich, Smoke some cigarettes, carry a greater need and desperation in the quarter solved crossword puzzle, finally found the time to hurry to explain van loses it because the edge of the left stacked on pallets.
The courier already oddivja about advertising and you a sandwich in one hand delivery in the other, and with the phone pressed between the shoulder and ear, trying to wear sweater because he just broke. Sweater gets stuck, courier and barely boil for drivers who for some reason stopped in the middle of the road. When the recipient leaves the car, of course COPNI in a puddle that was made exactly at the point where it is rude parked in the middle of the road, saying that it will only be awarded a package anyway. This, of course, dtdc turns into an innocent flirt with the clerk and further delayed because then jumped to a nearby store after a few loose ends. During this van is located in the middle of the road and turned on the turn signal indicates that the owner will anyway every time ago.
When you finally throw in the wet seat, forget that, in reverse, so when a violent start, dtdc went to my car behind zakolne, and hassle-free take on a pace that would be appropriate only on a dry and empty road and assuming to drive a much better vehicle, but not a van with a makeshift brakes. Rush him to the store, where we regularly take stash that would be superior in his company at a better organization dtdc can get free courier that very same warehouse. But just why, because they have their own, to drive and deny the motherfuckers.
Courier service is the only one cursing over the incompetent drivers and rush that will leave more time for coffee. Often miss that adrenaline rush, and sometimes almost a fight for survival and freedom during certain dtdc working hours. I miss the frightened faces, whose owners are afraid that the courier will say that today, but it is not, but by then, however, saves

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Editorial encourages discussion about the user

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Tags: Vojvodina, gas
Novi Sad - Serbian oil and gas company Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS) intends to use the technology ankara ego slim Houle 2016 to acquire ankara ego gas from about 25 wells. Given the existing reviews under the territory of Vojvodina is called Pannonian Sea gas - was to be billions of dollars.
By taking advantage of gas to Serbia significantly reduced energy dependence on Russia, from which it is now importing 90 percent of the gas. Will the new pumping technology, in addition to investments in exploration and production of gas actually ankara ego lead to greater production and reduce imports, yet difficult to say, but the fact is that NIS increases the exploration and production of natural gas, on Monday posted Belgrade log courier.
New technologies have also discovered several small deposits in the Banat, two major localities in the vicinity of Melenec near Zrenjanin. With new technology slim Houle said they intend to Serbian society by the end of 2016 to start drawing from about 25 wells.
Last year in Serbia through 95 wells acquired approximately 670 million cubic feet of natural gas. It is estimated that the total stock of natural gas in Serbia amounted to about 30 billion cubic meters of gas, but some estimate that this number is even higher.
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