Saturday, September 28, 2013

The boy leaves dtdc on the way to buy cigarettes fehtarja from this company and magazine onega feht

Querulant "Courier
On the road hated, but loved all those who have worked tirelessly sent by the most impossible orders in the most impossible a short time ... the drivers of white vans, looking even more than other motorists wishing to live in their own world, where they can when listening to Nirvana calm raging at its empty roads still Lovech green wave without dedijev dtdc hats, whose golf, year five, with eight thousand kilometers, representing stationary traffic in the middle of the highway. Nirvana.
Of course not. Picking orders still delayed, because there is always one and the same person has not yet completed what should be delivered to the client two weeks ago. A courier would be the savior of the situation, because, according dtdc to the fourteen-day delay shipment delivered in record time, which will have not only violate virtually all traffic rules, but also deviate from the planned route already. Ultimately, dtdc however, start with Fifteen minutes late, although it is still one and the same person defaulting to ensure that the matter will be completed in three minutes. Already the first corner it is called by another person who is forgetting something, but it is also essential dtdc to be contacted, to forget all the other orders and delivered its first shipment, which should have been delivered yesterday, but the documents were not yet ready. Cursing courier oddivja back and blaspheme the first pound, which was the devastating braking again tip over and cause a disturbance until the end of the day, because he will not be bothered to re-fix. Why the fuck drives a five and a half meters long van, if the bucket is almost always empty, it is uncertain. A person with a forgotten envelope waiting in the middle of the staircase, perhaps thinking that this courier significantly facilitate the work.
The boy leaves dtdc on the way to buy cigarettes fehtarja from this company and magazine onega fehtarja from the firm, knowing that the money he will never return, but it will at least cover the possible error. On the imminent discharge of the fuel tank recalling light carry out its task because the other driver again managed to empty the entire stock. Lump has never ducting fuel, but always soak it!
Already racing at the next order, and only found out that somebody screwed dtdc and that instead of three trucks to pick up four, which is a combination of course too. Forklift driver is leaning on the steering wheel orange buzzer, dtdc privoščljivo smiles foamed courier sent to all of the various bodies and four tonnes of heavy van slowly oddrsa the courtyard. Of course, his palette, despite the caution at the first turn to fall over because someone did not do his work. Foam is brought back to where the responsibility for this situation to keep the head and shaken joke at the expense of incompetent driver, even hundreds of meters seen that stuff on a pallet owner bandaged dtdc drunken dtdc incompetent, now fled to lunch. Further half an hour to collectively address the situation, but is becoming increasingly apparent that most of the work done nothing to blame the courier.
As the van preobtežen to podrsa after each lying cop, robo first transported to the warehouse of the company, where he maintainer natuli because it is heavily loaded, even though he is the three-quarter hours on the phone to advise exactly that. After storage Slacker drink coffee, eat a sandwich, Smoke some cigarettes, carry a greater need and desperation in the quarter solved crossword puzzle, finally found the time to hurry to explain van loses it because the edge of the left stacked on pallets.
The courier already oddivja about advertising and you a sandwich in one hand delivery in the other, and with the phone pressed between the shoulder and ear, trying to wear sweater because he just broke. Sweater gets stuck, courier and barely boil for drivers who for some reason stopped in the middle of the road. When the recipient leaves the car, of course COPNI in a puddle that was made exactly at the point where it is rude parked in the middle of the road, saying that it will only be awarded a package anyway. This, of course, dtdc turns into an innocent flirt with the clerk and further delayed because then jumped to a nearby store after a few loose ends. During this van is located in the middle of the road and turned on the turn signal indicates that the owner will anyway every time ago.
When you finally throw in the wet seat, forget that, in reverse, so when a violent start, dtdc went to my car behind zakolne, and hassle-free take on a pace that would be appropriate only on a dry and empty road and assuming to drive a much better vehicle, but not a van with a makeshift brakes. Rush him to the store, where we regularly take stash that would be superior in his company at a better organization dtdc can get free courier that very same warehouse. But just why, because they have their own, to drive and deny the motherfuckers.
Courier service is the only one cursing over the incompetent drivers and rush that will leave more time for coffee. Often miss that adrenaline rush, and sometimes almost a fight for survival and freedom during certain dtdc working hours. I miss the frightened faces, whose owners are afraid that the courier will say that today, but it is not, but by then, however, saves

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