Friday, September 27, 2013

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Tags: Vojvodina, gas
Novi Sad - Serbian oil and gas company Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS) intends to use the technology ankara ego slim Houle 2016 to acquire ankara ego gas from about 25 wells. Given the existing reviews under the territory of Vojvodina is called Pannonian Sea gas - was to be billions of dollars.
By taking advantage of gas to Serbia significantly reduced energy dependence on Russia, from which it is now importing 90 percent of the gas. Will the new pumping technology, in addition to investments in exploration and production of gas actually ankara ego lead to greater production and reduce imports, yet difficult to say, but the fact is that NIS increases the exploration and production of natural gas, on Monday posted Belgrade log courier.
New technologies have also discovered several small deposits in the Banat, two major localities in the vicinity of Melenec near Zrenjanin. With new technology slim Houle said they intend to Serbian society by the end of 2016 to start drawing from about 25 wells.
Last year in Serbia through 95 wells acquired approximately 670 million cubic feet of natural gas. It is estimated that the total stock of natural gas in Serbia amounted to about 30 billion cubic meters of gas, but some estimate that this number is even higher.
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