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Resnicomer by which we separate the wheat from the chaff, lies and manipulation, has 5 levels: 100

Slovenia has more judges to the population in the EU? Hold on.
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"The judicial administration lacking courier companies because courier companies we have by far the highest number of judges per inhabitant in the EU." Aleš Zalar, lawyer and politician, former courier companies Minister of Justice, on Twitter (April 4, 2013), with a link to an article published on the MMC RTV SLO.
Resnicomer by which we separate the wheat from the chaff, lies and manipulation, has 5 levels: 100 - FALSE STATEMENT, 75 - statement mostly true 50 - bit true statement, 25 - Statement mostly false, 0 - statement is not true. Additionally, the sixth level, occupying a thick lie.
Media report on which the former Minister courier companies of Justice announced his tweet, talk about it because of the abolition of the project Lukenda lost their jobs about 7 per cent of judicial support staff that is professional associates, legal assistants vpisničarjev, zapisničarjev and couriers.
Lukenda project was a government attempt to remove courier companies the backlog of cases in 2005, the duration of which was initially planned for 2010, and then extended until the end of 2012. Was named after Franjo Lukenda Slovenian citizen courier companies who, after almost ten years of waiting for the outcome of the legal proceedings courier companies in Slovenia turned to the European Court of Human Rights, and there's been unsuccessful because of the right to trial within a reasonable time. In pursuit of a more rapid resolution of court cases, the government of the Lukenda project has provided a range of measures, including the recruitment of additional staff, to relieve the work of judges. Between the new government and the judiciary is currently engaged in discussions concerning the extension and restructuring of the project and associated measures to increase the efficiency courier companies of courts and reduce the backlog.
Last comprehensive analysis of the number of judges available to the population in each EU Member State arising courier companies from the report (p. 144), a special commission of the Council of Europe on the evaluation of European judicial systems in 2012. The report is based on data from 2010. Slovenia is really one of the top EU Member States courier companies in the number of judges per citizen. We have far more than what his 49.9 per 100,000 citizens, followed by Luxembourg with 36.7 judges per 100,000 population, followed by Greece with 29.3 judges per 100,000 inhabitants. Minimum number of judges has Ireland, only 3.2 per 100,000 population. courier companies
If we look at the data on the number of judges in Slovenia in 2012, we find that the number remained courier companies virtually unchanged, we had a judge 48.69 per 100,000 population. More than obvious, therefore, that the number of judges per capita we are reaching high above the EU average (15.6).
Slovenia is relatively high in the European average in terms of number of non-judicial personnel on the judge. In 2010 we had 3.2 non-judicial personnel to the judge, and in 2012 this figure had risen to 3.34. In most European countries record 3-4 support staff in one professional courier companies judge. From EU member states, the highest proportion, about 10 non-judicial staff in one professional judge recorded in Malta, at least, less than two to one professional judge in Luxembourg. (Source, p. 161)
Part Zalar statement that judicial administration lacking in this analysis do not judge, because it is a value judgment that is largely subjective, our judiciary, for example, highlights courier companies the position that we have too little judicial support staff, courier companies because the greater number of them relieve a judge, which can then be given to eliminating the backlog. Given that Slovenia for 2013 predicts a 7 per cent reduction in the number of court staff, while 5 percent decrease in the number of judges, courier companies the judicial support staff to judge the new 3.26, which we are still at the average of European countries for indicators of in 2010.
Slovenia records 49.9 judges per 100,000 inhabitants. Average for European countries is 21.6 and for the EU and 15.6 judges courier companies per 100,000 inhabitants. In the analysis, we assessed whether our judges have sufficient support to non-judicial personnel or not, or lack of it or not, because it is a subjective assessment, but I can say that professional judges in Slovenia the number of non-judicial personnel helps them (3.34 support staff in one professional judge in 2012), do not fall behind the European average (3-4 non-judicial staff in one professional judge).

The project was supported by the U.S. Embassy in Ljubljana

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