Monday, September 30, 2013

Sports - Hockey

Sports - Hockey
Britons anxious expectation has been completed. Duchess Catherine was born today at 17:25 healthy baby boy. For her and Prince William's first child at the same time, the new link in the chain of British tirupati courier Heir. The new prince is heavy about 3.8 kilograms names in the royal palace have not yet issued. tirupati courier The bookmakers, where the royal children at the expense of the last few days collecting record amounts to keep the name of George, James and Alexander. Otherwise the name of the prince royal family - the same as on Monday evening his birth - officially announced on the golden tablets from Buckingham Palace. When this will happen is difficult to predict. At William's name had to be British, for example to wait a week, in the name of his father Prince Charles as much as a month. William's official name is William Arthur Philip Louis, Charles and Charles Philip Arthur George. But it is the third in line to the throne after the horoscope cancer - the same as his father William, born 21 June 1982, and his deceased tirupati courier grandmother Diana, born 1 July 1961. But this year's cancer has just missed a sign left - exactly 30 minutes tirupati courier after his birth, at 16:54, is the Sun enters tirupati courier the constellation of the Lion. According to astrologers, the star so he predicted that the great leader. From the world have already started to rain greeting cards with best wishes. The first is from the Prime Minister David Cameron. Queen Elizabeth II is impressed grandchildren, as well as Prince Charles of grandchildren. He's happy, of course, Prince tirupati courier William, who was present at the birth and will enjoy two weeks paternity leave. Like the Prince's late mother Princess Diana, the Duchess decided to give birth in the hospital St.Mary in Paddington, in the area known as Wing Linda. According to the information known before the birth, she decided to natural childbirth, which, according to rough estimates connoisseurs cost around 10,000 pounds sterling, most of the money he is due to private suite, which was hired for her royal family. tirupati courier Five interesting facts about the royal births 1 Until 1936 the birth of new members of the British royal family attended the ministers. This type of certification of birth for Catherine will not be necessary. tirupati courier Second Catherine's birth not attend Archbishop of Canteburyja as it was in the past habit. 3 Once the birth of the future king had confirmed 42 eminent names and local public life. 4 Children of William and Catherine does not necessarily require tirupati courier a surname. Members of the family bearing the name of his / her viskost royal prince / princess ... you do not need. 5 The news of the birth of the first to know the Queen, then a family, only then will be transferred to the Royal Courier news gathered from Buckingham Palace. Birth in the embrace of luxury in this department, specializing in complex pregnancy and postpartum woman with a desire for greater privacy, are used in the world prijokala as Prince William and Harry. Suites are equipped with satellite TV, radio, safe, telephone and fridge obposteljim. Immediately after giving birth to Catherine can - though probably not for the decision - with relatives on the birth of a child a toast with wine from the extensive wine cellar, which boasts nursery. Duchess of the course expectations have access to the Internet and a wide range of daily newspapers. Available it was also quite the little army nursing staff and assistants. Important role before and during labor will play a gynecological surgeon Marcus Setchell and Alan Farthing, who has been with the official gynecologist Windsor family members. Setchell will also be present at birth, Farthing, the media, also known as the former fiance murdered TV presenter Jill Dando. It is 69-year-old doctor duchess tirupati courier helped its serious drawbacks to the face last December. Setchell has in the past during childbirth also help wesseški Countess, Sophie. In 2007, the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla performed tirupati courier hysterectomy. Because of the many merits of the father of four children in 2004, distinguished herself Queen Elizabeth. The Duchess Catherine is first met shortly before marrying William. When the royal children are born ... Birth of new members, tirupati courier even if it comes from the monarch immediate family circle, in the British royal family is always a great event. Queen Elizabeth II is by caesarean section birth to 21 April 1926 at 2:40 in my grandfather's London house at 17 Bruton Street, Mayfair. They were baptized by vv private chapel of Buckingham Palace and named it after my mother and both grandmothers - Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. Close family called her Lilibet. Princess Margaret was born in 1930 21.avgusta

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