Friday, August 22, 2014

Give him a note: 0 1 Incidentally missing at delivery price of 10 minutes. When you return, then jus

19 o'clock in the evening a gentleman call me to customer service and tell me that I looked at the declared today a courier, but I did not find. Specifically, no one answered same day delivery the intercom, so he left. On a personal note, it happens. Many guests come from various launches and events by email, but some are sent in an envelope. Often, the sender is not telling me "Hey Roger, see that you send something by courier," but I find that only when the courier calls me to ask me if he finds me at the address, he has something same day delivery for me. "Ah, sorry, but our couriers do not call recipients'" Well ... why? Fan Courier, for example, always call to check that I will find "" Yes, but this is not a service that it offers DHL " star track track and trace Really? I always had the impression that those 3 cents spent by the courier company a service star track track and trace call are not offered to the customer, but in fact the courier method to make a great saving of time and fuel. If he comes up to me, looking for parking, and address is not no answer, same day delivery just lost 15 minutes and some gas consumed unnecessarily. There is a service for the customer, but on the contrary, benefit to business! The stand elegant. Lord of the phone told me that he would mention that I request to be contacted by phone the next time, but it still is up to the courier if you will and call. He called me and found me. As a reference, same day delivery not DHL's fault him, especially same day delivery as following their procedure. Along with TNT couriers are the most professional I have ever worked with. It was a time when I sent in 24 hours complete offer courier in 40 countries including areas "complicated" and it was even sent pallets star track track and trace came and packed and labeled with us. On another occasion, I called star track track and trace the dispatcher at 12 in Romania lifting a parcel from Holland; at 16 he was already up and the next day we had in the country. Just politics "to call a service first" is a hoax that is not a disadvantage than they; I can sit quietly and courier comes 30 times until I found, if one wants to have a dialogue and to agree.
Give him a note: 0 1 Incidentally missing at delivery price of 10 minutes. When you return, then just find the door sticking opinion (signed 3 minutes ago) as I was looking for DHL, no contact number same day delivery of the agent, only the number of central Bucharest. Instinctively can watch out the window I see the man. Nothing. I say no problem, and the call number is in central Bucharest. 15 minutes to listen to all their stories same day delivery are + waiting time to be taken. Patania communicate star track track and trace and ask the agent number. "This information is not offering" Idiots can be, say, in my mind, the man came especially 100 KM and can not communicate with him. Dispatch puts me on hold to get in touch with the man, after 5 minutes star track track and trace same day delivery back and apologize but the courier has left town, alpha is already at a distance of 20 KM, returns tomorrow! That means you morons managers in a company. When you order 15-20 euro / month as a subscription with unlimited minutes cost (or even thousands star track track and trace if not unlimited minutes) prefer to consume your employees hundreds of liters of diesel plus just to seek customer means you're a moron manager . Do not blame agents probably many calls on their phones. If you would like to ask a manager tricked why not give them a phone to tell you they had but was much in interest. For ox instead think about how they miss the phone calls he thinks the agency's spending Loading call them. At many companies in Romania's sorry state, believe me. Order now two years some books on Amazon Japan as elsewhere unsold and Japanese Amazon does not send onward than the fastest and most expensive option. same day delivery How Amazon can not specify multiple addresses with instructions between what hours are found in one or another, DHL was only my home address. Wine books in Romania, and, being sent outside the EU, DHL call me to tell me that I had to pay extra, when they say they want to bring them to work, which, as home address, in Bucharest. same day delivery To which I respond that honor DHL can not, the change remission is charged with 15 euro (this after had given them 40 for two books bitter). Pardon? What justified this
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