Sunday, August 10, 2014

They must be installed to hard opponent

After several European countries, United States, UAE and ... Now is the time to Indonesia, a country of 237 million people has been the first country in South Asia, which is hosted by P1. But for this monster Svprkarhay Indonesian English club show itself as soon as it enters the next John Vntadvry Celeste Phoebe threw the colors blend beautifully created McLaren Volcano professional courier delivery status Yellow color. Although Vntadvr power to all 4 wheels moves the P1 thanks professional courier delivery status to the 213 horses that had more than Vntadvr everything finished in third gear!
NASSY records: (276 views) 29 Persian date Tir 1393
They must be installed to hard opponent "LAFERRARI"
It's true friend would like to know Mgrnh die because I do not care !!!!!! Generally honored and proud Vntadvr Lamborghini launch control system that has spent so much time for him and a few others, but in this clip we see that the system does not use launch control is perhaps because competition rules have the McLaren is not do it There !!!!! I know I said no launch the Pride back Vntadvr become the !!!!!!
The defeat makes me happy because I lost a little different from p1 to back up 650s can look after !!!!! You've got the head of Lamborghini Lamborghini website said last night that we're doing now from the Vntadvr! (I think he meant to produce power 800 horsepower version sv) about Lafrary time I said of course I agree that we do not retreat from our hyper !!!! 1
See more brothers had a 1-up 2-liter engine 7 using hybrid technology with 3-Audi v8 twin turbo engine as p1, but I'll find out when most of the talking head gets to the ball on Tlashshvn v12 and v10 engine took to produce hyper !!!!! work
@ .F I've always had respect for McLaren McLaren had merit, but right off the 12 c Bugatti drag and Avntadvr I saw the ball lost but p1 Lambv far too much to say it should see the 650s of the Avntadvr .myad? How to post 918 and P1 tip wide Lafrary?
John and I had a 30% chance of winning Zvnda Vntadvr I know the 650 is almost 200 kilos Sbktrh had only 40 hp less is more advanced as technology professional courier delivery status gets !!!!! It provided a good launch Bgyrtsh Vntadvr can not match, like the later start time of 10 seconds !!!!!!
When we saw a coupe Hdql young men must eat 300 horse up to the Pride (dollars in thousands Tumen think I know the score by now) the price of a Camaro going down the moment I have access? We Chymvn Indonesian tanning because of the divorce?
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