Sunday, August 3, 2014

Greetings Dear Commander Army Gen. Amir conquered province, ahead Kohkiluyeh believe that the great

Kohgiluyeh commander Boyer: submit your satellite receiver to get digital delivery | News Boyer
Mehdi Hashemi report of the trial (photos) execution bandits (18 +) in Shiraz gls germany Runner record Unsung interesting kohgiloyeh What is the most important factor in mortality GACHSARAN? Industrial establishment license issued 100 Kohgiluyeh Grand Prix targets flight (therapy) in Yasooj generosity: Mehdi Hashemi deserve forgiveness and not discount Iran: Mehdi Hashemi's trial began regrets do / do not remember the score / time Golden gls germany strategic Yksrhsazy
According gls germany to Bvyrnyvz, Gen. Amir Younes morning gathering of reporters, referring to the last Friday of Ramadan as Quds Day and named it said: Hmastanyha and people of all Muslims in the Quds Day in support of the oppressed people of the world are expected Palestinian stand.
Fatah commander kohgiluyeh Boyer acknowledged in the media in the days leading up to Jerusalem, which is expected to act differently from previous years and on that day in support of the oppressed people of Palestine, the Zionists to condemn the brutal attacks.
Boyer kohgiluyeh top military commander in another part of his speech to the Corps plans against the Muslim community and said drawings enemies: enemies with the issue of satellite as the family tries to destroy loving family.
Sardar Amir continued in this plan is not treated and not filed but for other families to encourage anyone with the desire and passion to deliver a Satellite Digital Receiver with CD thanks to it being delivered.
Kohgiluyeh military commander Boyer appreciated good and constructive engagement with the State media said the Revolutionary Guard and the Basij expected in both written and virtual media to combat malicious damage satellites gls germany plan "Djalvarh" culture to take your passion for Families satellites to deliver. / Gulf
I play volleyball after Iran vowed that as soon as I get satellite. I feel it's censorship size insult to the intelligence of man, it's slower than the scene did not see anything, really, why? That we're so backward? John Boyer Please do not delete me.
So that your pictures are just waiting wives'd Nmykrdyn Frmvdyn gls germany you dont look Volleyball Why Greed Mykhvrdyn fruit crusher installed a filter Mykrdyn Vkly download files from the Internet and Khvdntvn Mykrdyn tag retardation Nmyzdyn
To test his Islamic Khvbvvvv ........... Srdarjvn want people, especially "young Chiu ...... Nbynn Bndbary an opinion without ever really" un-Islamic dress YASUJ Now that you no longer Really gls germany do not fear entity ......... "Sorry for the honor of the city was famous for its people gls germany ...... however congratulated Eid prayer, we beg
I lost my voice and the face of Iran's very sad because the lies that the media player and a way to give the public the right to be upset (such as radio and television broadcasting had already been in the Bielefeld plant carcinogenic) the Khdavkyly gls germany should be ashamed. Man and ask him to kill his mother and sister, both imagery (at least) Nymlkht they could see where we go Dad? Seeing pictures of half naked next to a normal family blazon inhumane, Baba God gave us reason, please for once without feeling the need to think
Hi friends. Did not use the correct capacity. And see satellite due to ignorance and Zrfytyman What brought families and their beliefs. This is not a political issue you can think of faith. We do not see games grudge cause damaging satellites.
Greetings Dear Commander Army Gen. Amir conquered province, ahead Kohkiluyeh believe that the greatest problem in this country is now a family foundation Vbvm targeting the same satellite Unfortunately, a number gls germany of respectable citizens who want to adopt networking promote the corruption of Map Qranh the enemies of Islam and enemies .... It borders were expanded daily Nir Vbvm failed in any way to influence the minds of the people, zealous war against cholera have been seen in this case is the collapse of the family over 20 years life is common. Sardar says ... You're just like Larry did not have any Vat and friends ... Vdshmny Kvshtmt Jala our situation and the bog of corruption zealous youth of the territory taken by the satellite in emotional shambles Vsr are Yrydh. Mrzv canvas ..... expect to families and family foundations to help prevent decay. Valslam
Agha accepts gls germany satellite tv in front of me, but what Khdavkyly Zarghami said the network 23 hours to fill your business with banners gls germany and duplicate serial Divine Prophet Yusuf Videos very nice but not the network 24 hours a watch the channel, gls germany to three times the repeat Let sit until ........ once podium to give critics of the government. News proudly remembered meeting with student leaders to mobilize all the kids and associations were independent of the podium are a number of blazon except black picture and it disturbs the students' needs university professors gls germany and falsely discuss are they Divine justice must lie Ngym Zyzmvn leader. gls germany
Satellite TV channels was good, if a man does it look bad not bad channel satellite Nan Please, gls germany no noise and no fuss. Pretty negative opinion of those who only heard what's satellite Nmydvnnd and fruit Srvsdamyknnd
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