Tuesday, October 1, 2013

He researched is the use of public money given to the Members of Parliament and parliamentary group

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Source / Author: Thomas Klipšteter
At the November hearing, the defendant was not declared policy because he lenarško district court failed to serve the summons either at home or in temporary residence in Maribor. Yesterday Ivan Vogrin did come to his native municipality, as it is the case courier trace in the National Assembly.
Notorious member of a National Assembly, which was due to the outstanding debt of his business in April excluded from the Citizens' List of Gregor Virant, is charged with abuse of mayoral position for which he might be sentenced to three years in prison. halifax evening courier
Before halifax evening courier the end of his second and last term, Ivan Vogrin at the expense of the municipality issued a 834-page chronology entitled Lenart is different, which was published in the edition of 4000 copies and received per household lenarško. The almanac is collected newspaper records the achievements of the municipality and its mayor in 2002-2006. They accuse him of 59,000 euros damage
Maribor District Attorney Andrej Kirbiš is convinced that Vogrin with this self-promotion at the expense of taxpayers exceeded its powers, proceed to the contrary to the Public Procurement Act, as the issuer halifax evening courier of the book signed a direct contract for the job but did not have the consent of the the municipal council. This should cause the municipality to 14.6 million (59,000 euros) damage.
"The halifax evening courier allegation of the offense is serious," the district judge Miheli halifax evening courier Pašek initially potarnal Vogrin. "Indictment is not based on facts and documentation, as I proceed halifax evening courier in accordance with applicable law." Almanac issued Lenart municipality, stressed and similar halifax evening courier monographs are issued his predecessors, including his successor, "of course, on a different basis."
He believes at least half of the critically-inspired articles as they are trying to give an objective picture of his work. Business began as a low value contract, which need not be a public tender. All necessary procedures has led Vogrinov municipal commission, so he had no doubt that the transaction took place illegally or in contravention of the regulations. The cost was later increased because it has been shown that the estimated 400 pages too.
"Whether in contract did not know the scope of the book?" He marveled prosecutor Kirbiš. "We started from the scope of the earlier halifax evening courier chronology," he said Vogrin, adding that the responsible municipal worker raised significantly more articles "and some other material even in the municipality." Therefore, it was decided that the selected halifax evening courier printers an annex, which have increased the cost of printing for the above mentioned amount in dispute.
The judge yesterday questioned several witnesses, including halifax evening courier Marjan Striker, who in 2007 was the administrative officer. Confessed that he was employed in the municipality of Lenart informed about suspected that the former mayor Vogrin zganjal arbitrary and that led operations in contravention of applicable laws, inter alia, that the issue in question almanac. Knitter on the basis of what he had heard from the servants, and after browsing, Almanac said that the information gathered to the police. Suspicious transactions in the parliamentary benches
It is very likely that in the future Vogrin often the case heaters bench as the Maribor District Prosecutor's Office in September filed a request for an investigation of as many as 20 alleged criminal acts of business fraud. Yesterday, halifax evening courier the new Vogrinov alleged foul deeds reveal Commission for Prevention of Corruption.
He researched is the use of public money given to the Members of Parliament and parliamentary groups for training and technical assistance. It concluded that the current arrangements to the type of systemic corruption risks. This was substantiated by the example vogrin deputy, who signed a contract with the company Vinestra from Maribor. This company has never conducted the services for which it has received 7875 euros National Assembly. halifax evening courier When the money ran to our bank account, was in the later weeks of the most raised cash from ATMs. Five hundred euros were credited wife of former Members VV This company had no other income other than cash inflow from the National Assembly.
"Due to suspicion of a criminal offense of abuse of office, the Commission findings folded police" are reported from committee. Vogrin its findings yesterday he did not like to comment because its

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