Monday, April 28, 2014

April 25 - Summary sheet pension reform 24 April 2014 - Meeting employment disability Lyon 22 May 2

If RCOM agreement has enabled Roissy Hub pyramidages the same levels of classifications that other pic, set in July 2006, multiplying the number of promotions for agents Hub structure created today deserves to be revisited tci freight tracking . Registered Mail refuses for now to reopen tci freight tracking the issue of CDSP in July 2006, and for good reason, given the number of closures pic one senses! But if Roissy Hub is not threatened, Roissy Hub is heavily impacted by the policy of solidarity in reclassifying personnel from other centers. The former Director of the PIC, after opposing the first time in a reclassification of Class 2 agents, is then folded tci freight tracking to the demands of solidarity and re-opened the doors to these personnel. Problem, tci freight tracking it has generated "plugs" for promotions agents Hub, including the move to 2.1.
External solidarity between Hub and professional development internally Hub: The right balance! CFDT does not affect the necessary job offers to those whose centers and services close: we were already occurred in 2012, when immersion courses agents 2.1 Lognes tci freight tracking is ended with "we do not take class 2 "in reclassification. But between "nothing" and "everything", there is a margin. To satisfy two opposing political a priori, the solution is the right balance between the two, but also the revision of standards on the percentages assigned to each level of classification. tci freight tracking Reclassifications agents other sites should not prevent changes expected by the agents of the Hub. Otherwise, the bitterness could take over, and the social climate is strongly would feel! Equilibria, OK, but what alternatives advance the CFDT to meet personal expectations?
Agent production 2.1: it exists! CFDT claims the implementation of RAP agent production 2.1, as there are in other pic. This function is intended for agents 2.1 1.2 and 1.3 do not wish to become a pilot production, but wanting tci freight tracking to evolve into class 2! This is the only way to provide an evolutionary perspective agents Class 1, while not penalizing the organization RCOM and reclassifications agents Class 2 other sites. tci freight tracking
End of RCOM Agreement: renegotiating! tci freight tracking The arrival of new traffic is not a reason to overcome tci freight tracking the standards set by the RCOM agreement. The site DOM night for example, where there is a 3.1 on station 3.2, with a 2.3, while the 2.3 level was reserved to support referents frameworks 3.3. Where else on the internalization of safety, where two positions 2.3 are proposed, in which a 1.3 agent is located. Continue despite a number of cheapest promotions before, can only generate misunderstanding and lack of trust! A petition is being signed to unlock 2.1. CFDT requires the entire organization, pyramidages classifications and the process to validate the UC are renegotiated. Promotion, it is not "the fact of the prince," but a subject at the heart of careers related to the acquired skills or potential to become!
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Unlock specials! Claim, act, negotiate, get results: That is the meaning of unionism! TERMINAL! A negotiation for employment and careers officers Roissy Hub! Recruit CDI pic Roissy Hub! Persifler not claim! Agreement for all! Agreement or nothing! Pleinière May 4: The last step! Of Premia lights bases concretely tes!
April 25 - Summary sheet pension reform 24 April 2014 - Meeting employment disability Lyon 22 May 2014 24 April - Create tci freight tracking accessible sporting events ... April 23 - Student mobility: the state of play on April 23 - Unofficial advocate, the CFDT salute the memory of Dominique Baudis
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