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Hello, As of March 20 I received a letter summoning me to a maintenance prior to dismissal (normally amicably with transaction) I was summoned dsv tracking on March 31. Dated 29 March (Saturday) dsv tracking I get a recommended maintenance refer to 14 avril.Je am sick since September 30 ... A maintenance reproached me foul grave.Le same day he posts a letter for last foot conservatory, 18 I get another recommended telling me that I give 48 hours to the Board (part I) while on the mail notice it was stated that I had 48 hours after maintenance to renounce ... This procedure is regular?
Hello, A dismissal can not be amicably and a transaction to be valid can not be negotiated concluded after the notification of the termination of the employment contract ... You do not specify how you would have had to give advice You ... do not talk any more serious fault it and I would remind you that the proceedings must be instituted within dsv tracking two months after it has been committed or that the employer had knowledge ... __________________________ cordially. Information by the private law of Work:
Hi, The negotiation was made by telephone, we left 3 months notice pay, severance pay my transaction and 22 000E, the appointment of the transaction was set to 3 April (interview 31 March, the dismissal 2 and 3 signature). March 18, they had nothing against me (confirmed maintenance) fault is a friend (client) has lent me money in early 2012 that I paid two months later, but for them it ' is prohibited empreunter a client, they made him a paper signed on April 1. They were informed on March 26 As I am part, there is a council that meets (3représentant staff, three representatives of the employer, to accept the dismissal) Last Modified:. 21/04/2014 the 21 : 05
Hello, So it was a bad start because I told you that a transaction can not be negotiated before the termination of work ... On the other hand, a transaction dsv tracking can not be completed in haste without thinking dsv tracking .. . If the Collective Agreement provides dsv tracking for a board of discipline is something else and therefore the dismissal could not intervene before it met ... __________________________ Regards. Information dsv tracking by the private law of Work:
Yes this is what was expected, preliminary interview on March 31, April 2 termination (48h mini) and transaction on April 3. We were okay fell on the amount. I'm still not dismissed, but for me the procedure was done in reverse. If they were aware of the fact that 20 March is First of last foot conservatory and then preliminary interview ... Regards
Hello, Almost everything is upside down and does not stick but if you could try to consider what I tell you, it would move, so I explain again and complete ... To be valid, a transaction to be valid, can not be negotiated before notice dsv tracking of dismissal so you could not you already agreed on the amount ... After the preliminary interview, the employer may not notify its decision without observing a period of 2 working, so for dismissal which was held on March 31 days, he could not send a registered letter with acknowledgment of termination before dsv tracking April 3 and it was not until the time you réceptionniez to consider the conclusion of a transaction ... There is no obligation to update conservatory foot it to intervene at the same time the employer to the facts and not after, but as you are away from the company by the judgment- disease, it is no longer justified ... You still do not specify dsv tracking to what advice you would have had to give ... I remind you that the employer has one month after the interview prior to his decision and as the postponement of first appointment is made by the employer for no particular reason, in my opinion, this period runs from March 31 ... __________________________ Regards. Information by the private law of Work: Last modified: 04/22/2014 at 21:23
The collective agreement provides advice in case of dismissal for misconduct. Regarding the transaction is the company that offered me the amount of 22000E (I was negotiating with them since March 5) I accepté.Concernant layoff, she notified me 21 days after knowledge of the facts and the facts are .... Post the first SUMMONS

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