Friday, April 25, 2014

In response to Remtchoukov, editor of the newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta: yes, we will build our pol

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Vladimir Putin speaks today, from noon (Moscow), the Russian population at its traditional 'dial' televised every year since 2001. Find the translation of his remarks live with Courier Russia.
Russian President will answer questions on Russian political, economic and social issues, not to mention international news. For the first time, the inhabitants of Crimea, March 18 attached to Russia will take part in the show.
Some experts believe that a people has no features, only a human being has his own. I do not share this opinion. If people speak the same language, live in the same territory, if they have common values, then indeed they have in common. Russia is a vacuum cleaner that has absorbed different ethnicities. blazeflash couriers limited Think of all those mixed marriages we had. This is how our genetic code is formed, a very flexible code, which is very strong and our competitive advantage.
The Russian turned to the world, while Western is more focused itself. For us, this is not enough, only the Russian people have created the proverb: "When you die before people even death is beautiful."
In front of people, it means means dying for their country, blazeflash couriers limited for others, this is where lies the origin of our national feeling, our family values. We are less pragmatic, we calculate least we have a larger soul, more generous. I do not want to offend anyone. But in a globalized world, trade of any kind are very intense, and that's hundreds of years that we live in based on our values: these values will we still be useful in the future. blazeflash couriers limited
The U.S. has suspended our relationship, but I hope it will evolve over time. The Iron Curtain is a Soviet invention: we will not isolate ourselves again. The U.S. is a world power, we have long believed that it was the only one, but this is not the case.
When we choose to punish someone, to send a child in the corner, we hurt ourselves. We are not in a sports blazeflash couriers limited competition with the U.S., they are our partner in the areas of security, the fight against terrorism in the evolution of the international economic system.
This is not a trend. Governors face endless responsibilities: there is not a long time in Russian cities, the central squares in ruins could still be seen; Today they are in perfect condition.
The Liberal opposition, it is a small group of revolutionaries: they are far from the people, but they are part of our society. And even if we have to rely on the majority in our choices, we must also not forget the minority and their positions.
In response to Remtchoukov, editor of the newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta: yes, we will build our policy blazeflash couriers limited Based on the interests of the majority. blazeflash couriers limited But we also need to hear the views less common. In my daily work, I listen to all my colleagues, even if I do not agree with all. We also want to have normal relations with the West. We are part of the Christian civilization. But this does not mean that we should always give betray our interests just because they let us sit outside.
We will of course continue to develop Sochi: we built modern hotels to global standards, the high price - and you can not fall. In Crimea, blazeflash couriers limited the infrastructure is rather for people with modest incomes.
While tourism in Crimea does not remain cheap, we can not guarantee the viability of the sector. Meanwhile, there is no question of abandoning Sochi Olympic venues will be processed, we will open malls, exhibitions to come.
15h: Edward Snowden Question: Does Russia, like the USA, catches people's conversations? Needs special services information can they justify this kind of listening?
In Russia, our regulations on tracks is very strict, and our limited resources, we need the permission blazeflash couriers limited of the court and spend less money than the U.S. in this area. We do not allow us to listen blazeflash couriers limited to people en masse.
I hope. After European countries have given up part of their sovereignty, the will

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