Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Yep, poor elected. Under the Third Republic were elected because they were in the country, notable

. Incredible: any magnetic card can replace the badges! "Article" Le Petit Courrier du Val de Loir - The Echo of the Loire Valley
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Incredible: any magnetic card can replace the badges! LOIR VALLEY dtdc franchisee A simple swipe card can open the columns of garbage! This was revealed Collective Val de Loir. Quick explanation video. Last Updated: 05/03/2014 at 14:58
The group that campaigns against dtdc franchisee the new system of waste collection has just hit a great shot today demonstrating that any magnetic stripe card can open columns voluntary contribution!
For members, it is further evidence of the failure and mismanagement of the system introduced in January by the Syndicat Mixte du Val de Loir.
Updated March 5 at 14h: According elected Château-du-Loir, the joint association of the Val de Loir would correct this error on columns that would open longer than the badges they issue.
Encouragement dtdc franchisee and congratulations to Sabrina for his actions concrètesavec the FB group. Shares the "flanflan" collective good should emulate. https://www.facebook.com/groups/269136126573430/?fref=ts
Yep, poor elected. Under the Third Republic were elected because they were in the country, notable or traders, and they were asked to manage a world they knew perfectly, dtdc franchisee theirs, ours; property boundaries, issues related to field work, the environment, dtdc franchisee water resources, civil status. Today, 140 years later, are still elected dtdc franchisee by the old criteria and worst of all, become technically incompetent to manage our interests. This is where multinational companies operate their subsidiaries in all areas, and this sign, the end of the town and the end of local democracy. Lcitoyens should express themselves on maintaining local democracy. For candidates who are now committed to first consult citizens and to control themselves to the nearest, useful projects to the communal life. If the abstention could show our pissed.
the advantage is to remove any potential flicage to deposit garbage anonymizing the input of waste. some residents another place had received letters like "why did you not file more garbage this month?" in hearing dtdc franchisee "you have balanced in nature?" dtdc franchisee
yes and here is the proof that this system is not to the point of all this is of the Black pipo https://www.facebook.com/groups/269136126573430/ dtdc franchisee (against the new system of household garbage collection) sabrina
and say we are told that it is very expensive to repair the damage on its columns, while anyone with any card the works for free! and say that this new collection cost us dearly and now they are free, bravo elected
The Info Live 11:06 - Tuesday, dtdc franchisee April 29 "JUPILLES poullailler fire 6:25 - Tuesday, April 29" CASTLE-OF-Loir Free Movie Night meeting Friday, May 2 7:19 - Sunday, April 27 "CASTLE-OF-Loir Photo Exhibition 12:05 - Saturday, April 26 "THE LUDE Car Crash 7:00 - Saturday, April 26" CHAHAIGNES Play
I'm looking for a few hours of household or ironing the morning preferably a chateau dormouse several years of experience. Vds good for 1h rental catamaran dtdc franchisee sailing club was good Marçon.Ce has won a lottery. 20 euros instead.
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