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Luckily Paris has real attractions, whether live, work with colleagues high nive

The Paris School of Economics - Paris School of Economics (PSE) is the most prestigious tci tracking meeting of economic research institutions (CNRS, Ecole Normale Superieure, Panthéon-Sorbonne, Ponts ParisTech, INRA and EHESS University) to create together in 2006 one of the best schools in the world economy. Successful as it is today ranked the 8th rank. Pierre-Yves Geoffard, its director, explains how she now wants to go further.
Pierre-Yves Geoffard: The project of creating a school tci tracking gathering laboratories Parisian economic research goes back more than 30 years. It was the group to give them international exposure when they were far too fragmented. Today we are a Scientific Cooperation Foundation (FCS) with 120 faculty members. They come from our founding institutions, we also work with scientific partners such as French Development Agency, the Group of National Schools of Economics tci tracking and Statistics (GENOA), the National Institute tci tracking for Demographic Studies (INED ) and the Institute of Research for Development.
The inauguration of PES, highly publicized, has indeed given way to a period of structured, internally and in connection with public and private partners. This construction is less visible, but the emphasis was on academic visibility PSE, now acquired.
PY. G: Our three masters are actually designed as a whole with the doctorate for a total duration of five years, like a PhD. Provided our students master not necessarily pursue a PhD and not all become teachers. They are moving to many other opportunities such as international organizations, governments and, increasingly, tci tracking companies.
PY. G: Education in our masters is now taught almost entirely in English, tci tracking which has enabled us to greatly enhance the international application: 70% of them do not come from France, and 30 to 40% of our Masters students are foreigners, a figure tci tracking that rises to 50% PhD. No less than 30 nationalities are represented with eg this year, excellent students who come from Colombia, Czech Republic, tci tracking and Nepal!
As teachers, they join us the more readily they know we have a base of students quite exceptional. In fact, the French education system tci tracking barely "hang up" those who do not feel well and fail at one time or another, but he always knows form very good students. The strong involvement of the ENS and Ecole des Ponts, two leading schools in the PES project is as such a key element of our success.
PY. G: In 2006 we received a double allocation: 12 million for research and $ 8 million tci tracking for training, and we are not allowed to spend more than 20% over 5 years. tci tracking After 7 years, in fact, only 10% were consumed. Our methods tci tracking therefore come for a share of these funds are placed. Certainly, they obviously do not relate us the same interests when rates are 5% or, as now, closer to 2%. But it is not only our resources to research funded by PSE are many research contracts (ANR, ERC, ...). In addition, we also receive tci tracking donations, and have created several research chairs, complemented dozens of contracts called tci tracking expertise.
Recruitment policy conducted by PSE in partnership with its founding institutions is a success since its inception, more than 20 researchers working outside France have joined us, mostly foreigners, and seven of them contained in the top 5% in terms of global impact publications. The diversity of our founders also allows us to look at a broad spectrum of areas: the other social sciences including history, with the EHESS and University Paris 1, economics for engineers with the School of bridges tci tracking or agricultural and rural issues tci tracking with INRA.
PY. G: We are fighting in an area where international competition is fierce. In the U.S., a Ph.D. in economics holds a PhD [Ph.D.] starts his career at 80,000 tci tracking per year and can even go in some business schools, to $ 200,000! How to retain a position in France CNRS 1,700 per month? It's indecent! PES can contribute to reduce the gap, but certainly not completely. Especially since the cost of living in Paris is high. In our sector as elsewhere tci tracking globalization has increased inequality between teachers 'stars' and others.
Luckily Paris has real attractions, whether live, work with colleagues high nive

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