Thursday, May 22, 2014

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A good video of Noah's Ark on new born Medrano
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Braian Casartelli interviewed by Noah's Ark We have repeatedly criticized the one-way services of Noah's Ark, whenever that is, who told with a streak of animalism pushed and resentful life circus. But today let us explain a different attitude, which is a credit to a program that nonetheless is born to inform on animals. The cameras of The Noah's dtdc tracking india Ark today showed dtdc tracking india the circus as it is, a great family of people and animals that live together and share the feelings of affection dtdc tracking india which is rare to find elsewhere. The occasion, the birth of two cubs at the Medrano circus. "It 's like when a baby is born because the circus is one big family and so it's a big party for us." The service begins with these words of Braian Casartelli, and then the images move and stop on the newcomers, welcome as all the newborns with great love and in a festive atmosphere. "And of parties in the stage Genoese Circus Medrano there were two," says the journalist, "in dtdc tracking india about a week a few meters from the cage of tigers, from that of a small kangaroo a few months and the elephant enclosure, two puppies were born: one camel and one of Lama. When we film them have less than 15 days but the small blade already wants to get on track following his parents. " Work? Not at all! "We do have fun with mom," says Braian. "Now we have to give a name to two cubs, according to the tradition of the circus, will be inspired by the characteristics of the city where they were born," says the service. Samp and Doria perhaps? We'll dtdc tracking india see. Braian dtdc tracking india was very good also do understand easily that the birth rate in circuses are not exceptional events and reflect the excellent state of health of the animals: "We are accustomed to birth ... Even the giraffe was born here and we imagine that satisfaction, is a beautiful thing. " While saying these words giraffes bend their heads over him and seem sbaciucchiarlo and cuddle and Braian concludes: "In the face of those who say that we want to harm animals." You do not need many words, just look at the reality. The one that only fanatics can not prejudiced - unfortunately - still to be seen.
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