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Jérôme Mesnager, John Christoforou, pallet delivery Joel Ducorroy Franck Sorbier and fashion; and Jean-Louis and Christian Sauvat Renonciat, particularly invested in the equestrian world; pallet delivery Norman artists, including Claude Quiesse, Jacques Pasquier, pallet delivery Christophe Ronel all ... and many others participate in the exhibition "The horse in full," from May 17 to September pallet delivery 7, designed pallet delivery and scenography - conducted pallet delivery at full gallop - by Pierre-Stéphane Proust, as part of their equestrian pallet delivery J World 2014 held from 23 August to 7 September by the Basse-Normandie region.
Norman collector present on that occasion and envelopes illustrated, unique, themed horse, signed by painters, photographers, sculptors, accumulated for nearly fifteen years.
The public will find 250 envelopes and letters produced by a hundred artists presented next fifty original creations "classic" most impressive - paintings, works on paper, etc.. - Lent by the respective artists, in three exhibition of the Abbaye-aux-Dames Caen spaces.
"The horse in full" also traces through time, the bond between humans and horses. The exhibition opens with an exceptional post of Louis XIV sent a knight of the Order of Malta and offers illustrated pallet delivery letters of the 19th century, objects and documents relating to the Post horses, created by Louis XI. Two letters of soldiers of the Empire, one with a gouache illustration (a dragon, circa 1815) and the other with header (chasseur, 1812) precede interesting pallet delivery letters printed late nineteenth and early twentieth of Britain stamped that have circulated. There are also horses on headers illustrated bills, postcards illustrators or hand-decorated, telegrams ...
We enter the heart of the matter pallet delivery with the "envelopes artists", presented in alphabetical order of their authors (Annie pallet delivery Lower Albert Zavaro) which says Pierre-Stéphane Proust "have all been nicely addressed at the discretion of matches and exchanges over a period of more than fifteen years. " The next chapter sees new envelopes associated works "classic" (Cecile Baudoncourt to Yanos).
Among the most prestigious names, Jerome Mesnager, Saint George slaying the dragon (265 x 264 cm, on fence, 2011) faces a hunter on horseback charging, inspired by Géricault. Spectacular!
Pierre-Stéphane Proust pallet delivery was born May 4, 1960. Lives and works in Biéville-Beuville (Calvados). He has a passion for over thirty years to the world of letters, stamps and illustrated correspondence. Previously a teacher, he designed a scenography and a presentation of works adapted to the youngest. It will also offer guided tours and free every Wednesday from 14 hours 30 minutes à 5:30 p.m., in the presence of artists involved in the project.
Organizing many exhibitions featuring the postal art honor, pallet delivery Pierre-Stéphane pallet delivery Proust pallet delivery has assembled a rare collection envelopes artists which he has already written several books (Internet: pallet delivery
All works in the exhibition "The horse in full" are met in a catalog of 160 pages, foreword by Jean-Pierre Guéno (Edition pallet delivery Hugo et Cie, 19.50 euros), available pallet delivery from April 24th ... cover a postage stamp issued in 1996, a bronze Gallo-Roman pallet delivery treasure Neuvy-en-Sullias, sets the tone. It should be noted in passing that the catalog Yvert et Tellier identifies a good sixty French stamps on a horse which appears!
In his preface, Jean-Pierre Guéno alumnus of Normal Sup '(Saint-Cloud), pallet delivery historian, writer, and "old" National Service stamps and philately, explains how "the greatest creators of planet entrust pallet delivery him [Pierre-Stéphane Proust] tattooed their missives. Each envelope is when they write him a dazzling bridge between the theme of his stamp and the illustration just to make her tide lines, colors and words. "
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