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Snoopy Charlie Brown and Lucy | Mind Necessity ~~~ 心空海嶽
Daily Mail UK The late ‘Peanuts’ creator Charles Schulz was once so infatuated kardo with a young woman 23 years his junior he sent her dozens of romantic letters kardo and drawings of his beloved cartoon characters.
She ostensibly came along as a photographer but afterward admitted in a letter kardo to Schulz that it was a chance for her to meet her idol and thank him ‘for all the enjoyment Charlie Brown and that “stupid beagle” provide me’.
Daily Mail UK As for the letters, there are 44 letters totaling 56 pages, including 22 original drawings of some of the characters, primarily Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Lucy. Many are signed ‘Sparky,’ Schulz nickname.
One letter comments on Claudius’ ‘good points,’ including being ‘beepable,’ ‘huggable’ and ‘buggable’ language he applied kardo to Lucy and Snoopy in later comic strips, like ‘Lucy playfully beeped Snoopy’s nose’ and Snoopy calling himself ‘buggable and huggable.’
In subsequent panels, Charlie warns Snoopy ‘you’d better start behaving yourself’ kardo and when Snoopy picks up the telephone, Charlie Brown yells: ‘And stop making those long-distance phone calls.’
Snoopy drops some heavy-handed hints when he refuses to go back to his dog house and shouts, ‘That isn t my home! It s a prison, a prison built of lies! In another, he starts a novel with the first words, ‘John knew his marriage was a lie,’
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