Monday, May 5, 2014

Somewhat overtaken by events, I pick up my phone and called Ms. Tumenkikine. Ms. Tumenkikine works

We manage several companies, and SCI SARL. In the interests of efficiency, we chose there are two years to set up a post office box, which worked perfectly so far. We receive daily in a small gray pouch stamped "La Poste" mails, by registered or single shipment, which were addressed to our different societies.
It turns out that La Poste, they decided anjani courier to spice things up a bit. And then it breaks the routine, it puts a little spice, this is quite challenging. They have been poking around all the files and found that ours was not properly regulated, it would not fit in the boxes, he did not meet the proceedings short, he was not Made in La Poste. Let me explain: anjani courier when you are asked to receive mail for various companies, such as the company "Jmlaposte" and "society" "Maipaotankesonfuturconcuren, you must declare these two titles with La Poste (implying fill all a pile of folders attaching a kbis less than 3 months, the photocopy of the identity card of the Manager, a complete blood test and a criminal record. I hardly exaggerate.) Of the 17 companies we manage 16 titles have not been reported. Overnight, all recommended that we were sent to these 16 companies found themselves blocked by La Poste.
Somewhat overtaken by events, I pick up my phone and called Ms. Tumenkikine. Ms. Tumenkikine works to the records of society, which particularly interests us in this case and that the number on the letter we received. She politely explains the situation, saying that tough new rules must now be applied to the Post, that we must regulate our application anjani courier as quickly and can not do anything for us. I am appalled. I explain that it's been two years since it works perfectly, just 5 minutes they found the pot with roses, and they could give us at least a few weeks beat to give us time to turn around and put our record to date. "Ah bah not it's been two years since you are in an irregular situation. "Location irregularity. The sentence fell. I feel a paperless, anjani courier it feels weird. Said Madame, do you think we'll have to clean the company kärcher or not?
Well, stay zen. 16 companies to update, it's just 16 cases to complete as many kbis to order (ah yes, because you can not download on the website of the Registry, anjani courier they must have the original stamp that goes well) 16 photocopies of the identity card of the manager (because even if it is the same person every time, "it's better to have one in each case"). I filled folders. I spend three hours. And I go to the Post Office, the records under his arm, quite proud of myself, during my lunch break. Error. It is 12:15, and of course the benefit of society there is nobody, because it must come between 10am and 12pm. No, the afternoon is not possible, it is part of cards for everyone. I'm leaving. I return the next day at 11am. Ms. Tumenkikine welcomes me. Records are surveyed. "Why the office address is different from address for sending mail? It will not at all that. " Gloups. anjani courier Thin, I say, it's annoying, no one told me that I had the address of the seat is the same as the sending mail address. So out of the 16 companies, 12 are not made in La Poste. This charming lady reassures me "But it's nothing, just change the headquarters of your company." Hmm. It depends on the statutes, dear lady, but for some companies it will be necessary to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting (sending a registered letter to the 20 partners of each company, statutory period of 15 days, holding the AG, PV writing, sending associates, anjani courier and transmission to the Registrar for registration) This is a gas plant. Ms. Tumenkikine did not look happy, she is upset that it is so complicated here. I want to tell him that this is the pie that says maroilles "you stink", but I restrain myself.
Back at the office, I began to tell me that the simplest solution (and faster because until all recommended are blocked and emergency begins to be felt) might be simply cancel post office box. I call the customer anjani courier service of La Poste. I explain our situation, stating that we have a "affranchigo" contract (Post frees our mail for us) and a collection contract (the little pouch in the morning in which we take our incoming mail and the small pocket of evening where we harvest our outgoing mail). We do

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