Sunday, May 4, 2014

When its color changes to Ottawa ... The Canada Post management also changes color.

The announcement by Canada Post for stopping delivery of mail at home raises many questions. In addition to cost them employ nearly 8,000 people, it is the logic of privatization of public services, which gets under way in this decision.
Deepak Chopra, President and CEO of Canada Post, on the Board of Directors of the Conference Board of Canada, with a salary of $ 500,000 per year in January 2011, before being appointed head of Canada Post. This think tank on the right, which always calls Mr. Chopra, has long been promoting the privatization of the postal service in Canada. The organization has even suggested stopping mail delivery at home to reduce hk post tracking operating the Crown corporation expenses. Coincidentally, this decision Mr. Chopra and Canada Post?
The conservative ideology at its best it was not surprising to learn that the Harper government fully supports the management of Canada Post's decision. For the Conservative Party, and weaken public service is the best way to ensure eventual privatization.
The Canada Post management has refused to even consider the suggestions of diversification of services put forward hk post tracking by the Union of Workers (CUPW) to try to improve the productivity of the organization. CUPW suggested ogle the side of New Zealand, which has increased the supply of services including banking services in its branches and increasing the parcel delivery. The pressures on the government from the private companies parcel will they because of a public service of mail delivery?
The loss of thousands of jobs is also a prime example of the lack of consistency of the Harper government. Indeed, these employees - considered so essential by the Harper government that prevented by a special law to strike - have now become disposable accessories!
To make this decision, Canada Post is based on a consultation it carried on the internet. So it is not surprising that it has concluded that its users as well now receive their invoices and e ... internet!
Although we are in 2013, many people do not have access to the internet. So most of those who did not participate in this consultation Canada Post will be most affected by the new measures. hk post tracking For the vast majority of them, it is the elderly who no longer have the same mobility as before. In addition, an internet connection is a significant cost that can not afford people living in poverty.
Let us remove this essential service hk post tracking without doing anything? Let us drop these 8,000 employees who see their positions threatened jobs? Certainly not! Mobilization has already begun and I appeal to your solidarity to support those workers who really need and defend the integrity of our public services. You can sign an online petition or, alternatively, contact your Member of Parliament to ask for Canada Post to suspend its decision.
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I am employed by Canada Post for nearly 30 years. And I would like to clarify something! all this big machine called posts. Is a history of government is a result of political "HARPER"
When its color changes to Ottawa ... The Canada Post management also changes color. "History of say thank you to some friends." This is unfortunate that Canada Post is in the process of a makeover at the expense of all taxpayers with sorting equipment brand new package and letter. a new fleet of mini-vans, all with the help of $ 6 billion taken from the pension fund of all employees with a letter of exemption from payment hk post tracking before 2021. After have wondered why they could not have stand facing a negotiation hacked in advance by Harper hk post tracking ... (union -> Strike rotary -> Replica Management -> Lock-Out -> Replica largest hk post tracking shareholder of the Crown Corporations -> Bill C-6 .) Exp: there is a law that

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