Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Venezuelan right, unable to convince the democratic path as still showed the last presidential

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At the invitation professional couriers tracking of the Inter CGT / CFDT / FO / SOUTH, postal workers sorting center of Rodez have been on strike since November 28. This movement, followed by 75% of staff, follows the announcement of the closure of the Industrial Platform Mail (PIC).
While solidarity is organized professional couriers tracking in the department, and 35 municipalities have pass motions of support, "La professional couriers tracking Poste" turned a deaf ear and continues to organize the dispersion of agents from the center of Rodez, officials and contractors, four parts of the region or country. Yet pressed by unions to appoint a mediator, the Prefect ignore their demands and refuses any dialogue.
Can be seen here, ANI claimed its first victims, management hearing to fully utilize the new rights obtained in this Agreement on mutations. This wicked law, called "job security", signed in January 2013 by the MEDEF and voted in June to the National Assembly, is, as we have denounced an additional right to suppression job serving patrons.
Through France, ten PIC are concerned, and are prey to the same risk of disintegration at Rodez. Agents are called for a national movement by unions CGT / CFDT / FO / SOUTH / UNSA / CGC / CFTC on December 12th.
The Left Party pledged his full support for the postal workers Rodez struggling to safeguard and maintain a public postal service proximity, whether the sorting or post offices of our common indispensable for millions of users and citizens.
We will continue to denounce the consequences of ANI, which is proof, unravels the right of employee-es, gives all power to the bosses of the public or private sector to accelerate the race for profits under cover, such as post, "restructure" less serve on arrival.
The public professional couriers tracking service is the common good of those who do not, one of the bases of equal treatment of citizens on the territory of the Republic. We urge the government to take responsibility and not let the local public service in the hands of MEDEF. His backup, its sustainability, and its restoration professional couriers tracking should be a priority., 791555.php SOCIAL NETWORKS professional couriers tracking
The euro is now worth $ 1.39, which is the highest professional couriers tracking rate for three years. The consequences are known to all: accentuation of deindustrialization, unemployment soared professional couriers tracking to over 12% in the euro area level price close ...
The Venezuelan right, unable to convince the democratic path as still showed the last presidential and municipal elections, will stop at nothing, once again, professional couriers tracking to try to create the conditions ... The Left Party, professional couriers tracking 20-22 rue doudeauville, 75018 Paris Legal, credits and sources Site

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