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2: The second mode of operation is to call the future victims of the so-called Pension House offici

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The method by which announces victim suspects that his son grandson had an accident it is used to commit the offenses of deception citytrans and high frequencies recorded earlier this year. Last month, however, this method citytrans began to be used less often. However, there were other methods as ingenious. citytrans
In April and early May, there were new operating citytrans modes aimed especially older people living at the block, most of the owners of apartments in Ploiesti, reaching the position of victims as follows:
1: Strangers and dressed decent to "courier companies" citytrans bring parcels to be delivered administrators staircases. Packages are given to other tenants, who are required large sums of money, as they would be paid into the account managers staircases, following the tenant to recover the money from the administrator;
2: The second mode of operation is to call the future victims of the so-called Pension House officials, informing them that were made to adjust withholding on pensions and financial position must submit by postal sums of money. The benefit would be a financial adjustment of the pension which also received six times higher amounts as a result of recalculation (ie deposit 500 and receive Pension House 3000L);
3: The third mode of operation: strangers appear at the door of apartments to buy plastic bottles and other recyclable materials. Owners are given a sum of money when they give recyclables after the buyer invokes the need to change a paper of 100 lei. Apartment owner going to bring rest, during which stolen items, money and whatever is handy. best news site in Prahova. We launched on March 1, 2011 and provide real-time information from both the county and the country or abroad. For advertising and suggestions, please call 0745144044
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Photo of the day. How do the Russians heat barbecue
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