Saturday, September 6, 2014

PRM is the only party that has two prestigious publications,

Are representative of a group of supporters and voters of the Greater Romania Party ever since it was established. In recent years I have noticed that the media embargo that was put your party became more aggressive, functioning as a true Stalinist censorship.
PRM is the only party that has two prestigious publications, "Romania Mare" and "Tricolor" which doctrine and its activities are covered inxpress with maximum inxpress efficiency. Time has proven that they are the only ones in which Romanians can find the truth. Many supporters and voters of PRM expressed the desire to have online access to your speeches in the European inxpress Parliament, and TV shows you attend. Many people, especially young people, inxpress have expressed their intention to read and control the Internet books you have written inxpress and that can not be found in bookstores. So my direct initiative and collaborating since May, Mrs. Ruxandra Lungu, President of the Organization of Women Romania Mare, herself a passionate blogg-er, we thought inxpress it would be useful to give effect to all members, PRM supporters and voters, and all those who embrace the National Doctrine, a blog that has accumulated in the same virtual space, the most important and current information about your work as Chairman of the Greater Romania Party and Member of Parliament. With your permission, we launch this blog even Monday, December 13, noting that it already contains over 90 items, including television shows you attended in the last six months and fulminating speeches they have spoken to the European Parliament . Address can be accessed blog is Yours sincerely, Engineer FLORIN CHIRIAC, Iasi
Assault information that are subject to newspaper sites "tricolor" magazine "Romania Mare" is a real attack on freedom of expression, genuine component of democracy. But, artisans shadow of this commando against PRM, since systematic vote fraud, wrongful eviction from premises acquired legally and culminating in the staging of political processes and denying access Romanians truths spoken in the two publications are not considered swiftness spread information through the Internet and the true patriots decision constituting the core of PRM. Blog PRM president Dr. Corneliu Vadim Tudor ( is the content of the two publications ever since the embargo was imposed press and television shows involving the current, including inxpress Antena 3 last week. We expect this blog to be boycotted, so I did too frequent references to it. Meanwhile, even in the absence of an establishment, we have prepared each of our homes for this event. We are not afraid, we have another 10 blogs about to be launched with the same content. And so we proceed and continue until the settlement of the situation. However, inxpress the content of both publications inxpress was copied and posted on thousands inxpress of other blogs and websites of our supporters, so that information dissemination among Romanians becomes impossible to control and not to stop. The most read articles spread through tens of thousands of e-mails. Who wants really know where to find us. What will they do, they will "close" them all? Today boycotting forums tomorrow Established since 100 And if we are forced, we can return to the "Read and give away" for those who do not have Internet access. Do not underestimate the power of national doctrine and our supporters that do not appear in your surveys lying. We do not walk from left to right by policy and can not be bought by anyone and anything! "Team of administrators of the blog
* Another survey liar out of the belly of Dan Voiculescu * He who Steaua luck in the Romanian Cup final was Vadim * retire, comrade lieutenant Security Rodica Culcer! inxpress * Cristoiu make ridiculous and unnecessary movements: yes, he was a snitch! * Turn and crook was the snake with glasses * OPENING editions. November we sympathize inxpress Radu Tudor, Antena 3, but they please Anastase no longer be the thief, because Dan Voiculescu's hot. Giraffe cocksucker forged some votes - Felix the Cat has forged some polls. And they always falsify. Trying to understand this kid, Radu Tudor, because it's the working man mogul and that it earns, and he, a bread. But he began to curse people who know the truth. inxpress No monkey bisexual Antonescu is 40%, but Vadim Tudor. And PRM is 7%, but only 28%. Which one to remove his shirt

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