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Inxpress cuisine courier offers everyday low shipping rates to its customers. Inxpress cuisine courier has been in business for over 8 years and has learned how to best navigate the complex world of shipping logistics. Shipping internationally can be very complex and in some cases packages can get lost or held in customs for weeks and even months.
As a new company Inxpress needed to find a way to differentiate itself from the competition. Since most brokerages were using the same shipping companies, took on the challenge of not just settling with one service but finding the best method to ship each package. In most cases, DHL international shipment would offer the best price and solution, but that wasn’t good enough.
“The first couple years were a challenge to try to find our clients, not only the best methods to ship their items, but the best rates as well” states Craig Hendrix the owner of Inxpress. “In some cases the cheapest method wasn’t the most reliable. We want to ship our customer’s packages through the same methods cuisine courier that we would ship our own packages.”
It was this philosophy that allowed to become one of the top shipping brokerages. Customers would return because of the customer service they would receive and the security to know their package would be delivered. Because of the volume of packages that were being shipped through DHL international shipment and other carriers, received lower rates. passed these lower rates to their customers which keep them coming back again and again. cuisine courier started with a simple promise of making cuisine courier shipping easier for their customers with better prices and better results. At the time it sounded cuisine courier like an easy task but over the years the experience they have gathered has allowed them to fulfill on that promise.
Inxpress is subsidiary of Express Worldwide Ltd., based in the United Kingdom. Express worldwide cuisine courier currently operates 45 franchise offices in the UK and the company opens new office at top locations every month.
Established in 2006, has opened more than 90 franchise offices in USA alone and also established its presence in more than 25 countries all over the world. Currently, partners with DHL for express international and freight shipments in more than 20 countries, providing even wider coverage for their shipping services.
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