Thursday, September 11, 2014

I understand couriers uk about the

[Current Mood | dorky] Preparing for the exam on GBLM. During breaks (when dismembered from the green-Soviet books and summaries of their own begins to feel sick) I read Russian literature, and that's so uncomplicated way opened yesterday for yourself Hope Taffy. Lovely writer! Just a "celebration of the soul" after Andreev (a good writer, but a driven for winter =)), Shmelev, Bunin and other cities dudes. Inspired by her story "Instead of a policy" couriers uk and started fooling around herself. Something like: why blah whale, not blah-shark? why the lady-where-nail, not a woman, couriers uk where the paint? why auto-cancer and not Moto crab? why is darling, and not in the honey? why idle-radio, rather than a simple, right? couriers uk why bea-chuk, not Mlyn-Huck? why noun-carries, and not approx-pull? and, finally, why the Buddha to penetrate, and not Krishna realized? Unlimited scope for new growths ...%) And "Soul" - is a miracle naydivosny! Here uryvachak: (argument-graders schoolboy on "Meeting") "- They say that to hurt and torment the other bad. And why is it bad? No, let's explain why bad, then I agree. And so all you can dream up: yes bad, bad sleep, bad nose, mouth bad. No, we require that they first proved. Yet what came up - "bad." When you do not learn - it is bad. And why, may I ask, - bad? They say - "a couriers uk fool grow up. "Why fool bad? Did very well. - Doolan - it Doble! - That's for me - good. (...)" And the boys in favor of sexual equality (girls to not overestimate), couriers uk for the right in oppression, and free marriages. =)
I understand couriers uk about the "demon woman") Yes - it's a masterpiece. Especially the "See all I eat herring !!!" And about the book ... so to speak ... to the point. dorky ethno duraslivy mean, stupid, "stupid" and all that)
"... However, it is the pseudonym" Kharms "with its ambivalence (af French couriers uk charme - charm "," charm "and from the English harm - harm ") most accurately couriers uk reflects the essence of the writer's relationship to life and creativity." couriers uk Hmm, pachytkaem, pachytkaem.) couriers uk

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