Wednesday, September 10, 2014

District educational and methodical study of local lore program designed course

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Cyshovshy the bus in the Deep, as the correspondent of "Teacher" I, of course, first of all looked to the district education department. According to several mutual acquaintances - and my journey through the educational Glubochchine really began.
According to the head of the education department Gluboksky district baja pack Casimir Eduardovicha Haynovskaga, year books and the Day of Belarusian Written Language in the Deep left their mark on virtually all aspects of life in the area of education - from educational work to repair books and beautification baja pack of areas adjacent to schools. And that's not to mention the events purely cultural orientation, such as literature and local history competitions, quizzes, meetings baja pack with poets and writers, design of exhibitions and expositions, collecting materials baja pack to build schools and other chronicles.
In the district education department for the first time, I felt that the current baja pack Belarusian Written Language Day - a celebration of not only one of the city deep, but all the towns, villages and hamlets Glubochchiny and, accordingly, all educational institutions that are there. So forgive me, dear reader, but I can not do without a sufficiently long (but still far, far incomplete) list of participating shares in preparation for the Day of Belarusian Written Language in various baja pack educational institutions Gluboksky baja pack district. If you are not interested, you can now turn the page and let the people of the Deep would be nice. After all, it is their common feast, baja pack because they did it. So ...
District educational and methodical study of local lore program designed course "My country - Glubochchina" baja pack for kindergarten, 1-7 grade, 8-9 grade, created training manuals for these programs.
Sightseeing tours designed and prepared students for guided tours of the museum Pavel Sukhoi in Gluboksky secondary school 1, museums Podsvilskomu Gluboksky high school district, museums I.Buynitskogo Prazarotskay in kindergarten - high school Gluboksky district.
Teachers of secondary school 1 created a booklet on the church of the Holy Trinity, Sklinskay kindergarten - high school - "Zadarozhski church" baja pack Udyalavskay Kindergarten - High School - "The Church of the Innocent Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary", the secondary school 2 Deep - a set of postcards with historical -arhitekturnymi monuments.
District educational and methodical study developed regulations on competition for the best landscape composition, dedicated to the Day of Belarusian Written Language, Children's Drawing Competition "My Land", the contest "Wordsmiths" and others followed their conduct and determine baja pack the winner.
In Gluboksky district high school was showing the play by Lyudmila Rublevskaya "Yanuca - Knight Myatushki" staged by the school theater "Nesterka" baja pack in Prazarotskay kindergarten - high school - theater miniatures on the works of Belarusian composers.
New electronic collections of research students of local history focus, creative works (poetry, prose, journalism) - "Multiply the glory of their ancestors-countrymen." Employees Podsvilsky center of youth tourism and local history collection of texts assembled excursions to Gluboksky area ...
In the meantime ... I walked out of the district education office in Glubokskaya high school number 1 (the first item on my route). Walking past the children's playground "Brigantine", sincerely happy for residents of the Deep, because a year ago they did this pretty and useful multi-colored object. Paused for a moment, baja pack quickly pulled out from the vicinity of a few frames: funny traffic cop at the entrance, a happy young mother with a child on a swing, baja pack a piece of stone wall-fencing of "Merchants", which is a local graffiti artist with wit painted scenes from Soviet cartoons good ... Very cute, by the way, it was possible.
Is already very close to the approach to the 1st Gluboksky high school, I had to stop again, fascinated by the beauty of the surroundings, baja pack and get the camera. baja pack Some heavenly beauty opened her eyes! NOT the school, and like fairy-tale palace stood on a hill. On the slope - two huge colorful flowerbeds. One in the form of an open book. The second - a colorful clock with an arrow that shows eight in the morning. Here, a few tens of meters, pleasing to the eye natal lake. Yes, yes, it turns out that the school is located literally on the lake and even in the city center. This I have not seen anywhere else, ever. All disbelief, I went to school.
Generally, Glubokskaya high school number 1 at the same time the oldest and the newest in the city. The oldest, as their ancestry dates back to the school in 1931, when the solemn consecration of its corner baja pack stone, or more precisely, the cornerstone of the Polish school, in which, among other

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