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Before dawn came, Arnica was already far away from the homestead Mii. Far enough away to not hear t

Wings odonaty 24. | my-sacred
Forest already drowning in darkness and silence. Feet nymphs trod noiselessly over the soft moss, avoiding branches and cones, like those backwoods knew by heart. Not every animal zbłądziłoby in the darkness, but her eyes saw better than the huge eyes of owls, or a sly fox sparks. Tired, she sat down on the fallen by age thick trunk of pine and podkurczyła feet. Wrapped in the night chill, hidden from Trofim and chase, she thought, what he should do. Mia's png post courier story really touched her. The stone had hit the Asyrtu zaniesiony man with a pure heart, the power of the jewel not be fooled. There would no longer tempt anyone thrown through a narrow slit at the bottom of one of the thousands of caves, which is not allowed in any of the living beings. Lumberjack whose world is forest, hard work and painful memories, surely was a man whose heart is pure as crystal. Many times he proved his nobility, after all, as a child he saved the filament. And maybe that's why she could not now be exposed to a hazardous journey, during which a risk not only for the pursuit lurked, png post courier but also Oczeretnikia and all sorts of evil, which rozpełzło around the world, and just waiting for the opportunity to gain power and hit with a vengeance . She herself could not make it, as she spoke an ancient prophecy - did not have a heart after all ... "The stone will destroy man with a heart pure as crystal to power sordid already shattered forever" - still rang in her head.
Before dawn came, Arnica was already far away from the homestead Mii. Far enough away to not hear the frantic cries of Trophimus. She left them somewhere behind png post courier him, as well as peace and serenity. Darkened, and the sky above it, but with the difference that she could not cry. Meanwhile, the heavens decided to send rain. From the very dawn of heaven flowed sine braids water, extracting from the forest, this loud sound that could sing painted on his lungs, and would not have heard her one within png post courier several meters. All around the steady buzzing png post courier noise. Drops spattered on her face and dress soaked to the core. Extremely pleasant feeling was the mermaid, for which the water was the element of life.
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