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The Linear system consists of: government / Impresarios, consumerism (toxic products), and thus rea

Watch the video until the end and then analyze, reflect and answer the questions below that should serve as a roadmap to prepare an argumentative text about the video environmental guru Annie Leonard. DO NOT RESPOND in a questionnaire. WATCH the video as many times as necessary.
7 - The USA produces on average per household, 2 pounds of trash per day. The double what was produced over 30 years ago. SEARCH which is the average daily production of Brazilian and what is the average generation of waste in your home trash?
Globalization began to intensify after the 2nd World War and with it the linear system, which prevails until hoje.Nele people extract resources of forests, turns in factories, putting toxins in them, transporting to market, star track express the home market of consumer, the consumer's home to lixão.Mas people who extract resources, does not extract them correctly, they extract anyway, forgetting that the planet has limited rescursos. The main consuming country is the United States, which has 3% of the world's population but consumes 25% of the extracted features, ie, the American people have in their culture consuming. The linear system, which is now used by raticamente all countries of the world, is basically star track express like this: Human persons draw the extracted features, send to the factory, from there to the consumer's home, and the home of the consumer to the dump (if inicinerado not before). But if incinerarem the remains to the incinerator before sending to landfill is worse because it is there that a toxic substance is produced which is the more dangerous it is for us. Governments if they could, they would surely have anything against it, but nowadays companies end with the planet and send us governments, ie are above the law. But if governments come together against the companies, they could prevent them from continuing to deforest the forests that way. Delete Reply
The extraction and very aggressive, they just pull over do not replace star track express what he used, so the forest is increasingly extinct. At this terrible distribution, since it only taking a place there will end much faster because a greater vacu get angry then it will not have a chance to grow it yourself, as they will not have trees around to beat when the wind dropped a seed and reproduce it. A willingness to go is to remove that has most, because when you go to plant again has anyone because this is what most ending the forest replanting this one, that way you will not have more to remove. Because they are putting star track express a product star track express that damaging our longing, but this saving more product, but this in my opinion has no need because example, a person does not take to consume a carton star track express of milk in a year. Products are increasingly industrialized. The arrow and represented as consumerism, it is most notable because this is the most happening increasingly in're consuming things that need more or have always packed a way to go shopping, this is one thing that is bringing toxic because each time it passes the product comes with more toxic than the last and so increases. Shows that it has a lot of hidden things, things we need to know, as it has many people practicing this without knowing the reason, what is damaging and more. The consequence is that the planet will be polluted, but it is no pollution, is the strongest that can be toxic, because these industries are creating and dropping star track express by air, toxic water is very strong, but it is not only the environment, is also in, for everything that's happening we will have to pay some day if we do nothing. With more products to see people want to buy more new thing (which in this fashion) then they buy everything star track express you want to have to work with that have not left so she has leisure, it diminishes happiness, pleasure of the people. In Brazil each person consumes an average of 300 to 500 grams of waste powder day, that is one thing we must reduce us because we are hurting star track express us even. Dioxin is a stronger toxic, which is produced by the ordinary star track express reinforcement toxic toxic this may spread to affect fatally on. The government has an obligation to work for the people star track express and by the people because star track express it was what he said when he was being elected, because everything that is said has to be fulfilled, it is his word. Delete Reply
The Linear system consists of: government / Impresarios, consumerism (toxic products), and thus reaching the consumer. In this system, by what people think they should be, is a perfect consumerism where people are honest and nothing harms the environment, LIE! What is actually happening is that it is being practiced and developed the wrong way. For example, a large industry of toxic products, is developing and hires people to Work

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