Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Linger on the Mount of Calvary. Slide your fingers down the timber and press the nail into his hand

Linger on the Mount of Calvary. Slide your fingers down the timber and press the nail into his hand. Taste the vinegar taste and feel the pinch of the thorn in her forehead. Feel the thick dust, wet with the blood of God. Leave the instruments of torture speak their story. Listen as they reveal what God did to win your heart. Much has been said about the gift of the cross itself, but what about the other gifts? What about blackheads. At the crown of thorns? What about the robes taken by the soldier and those that were used in burial? You already separated some time to open these gifts? He was not obliged to give them, you know. The only attitude actually required for our salvation was the spilled blood. However he did much more. Imagine the scene of the cross, and what you will find: A sponge soaked in vinegar A sign Two crosses next to Christ Let us examine them to, do not we? How about desembrulharmos these gifts of grace as if - or perhaps, in fact - was the first time? And to touch them - to feel the wood of the cross and run your fingers through the braid crown of thorns - stop and listen. Perhaps He will whisper: I did it for you. Watch the soldiers pushing the Carpenter on the floor and stretch your arms against the beams. Presses a forearm against his knee and holds your hand. Jesus turns his gaze to the harpsichord at the exact moment that the soldier raises the sledgehammer to plant the cloves. He knew the price of those sins was death. He knew the source of those sins was you, and since he could not endure eternity without his company, pos malaysia track He chose the nails. Max Lucado
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